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Thursday, October 11, 2012

'Ast' means 'star' -- the Wise Men studied cycles of the stars, as astrologers, the language of Creation. The 'Word' is the moving heavens!

The largest cycle is the 'Great Year,' of 26,000 years, perceived on Earth as a turning zodiac of 12 signs, which shifts position to a previous sign every 2100 years. The Procession of the Zodiac is caused by the Earth's wobble on her axis, which makes a complete circle every 26,000 years.

When viewed at the equinoxes for eons, a different 'face' of God was seen to emerge, coinciding with changing perceptions given in tradition -- i.e., the symbolic 'fish,' loving, forgiving Jesus (Pisces) of the New Testament, (0 AD-2100 AD) ; the pillar-of-fire, wrathful, angry, ram, Moses, (Aries) of the Old Testament (2000 BC to 0 AD); the bull, (Taurus) (4000 to 2000 BC). The archetype (blueprint) of the time period manifests on earth, as in heaven, in inventions pertinent to that epoch, each symbolized by one of the zodiacal figures.

The most important time in this 26,000 year cycle was 2000 years ago. The Precession moves backward through the zodiac from Earth's vantage point, Aries is the first sign and Pisces the last. The enormous significance of the dawning of the age of Pisces, 2000 years ago, was that it was the last, 360th degree of the entire zodiac, 29 Pisces, signifying 'Completion.'

At the first degrees of Pisces, on the cusp of Aquarius, (flight, computers, technology, space,) 'God' is associated with 'aliens,' replacing words like 'angels and demons.' But this current cusp is not the sum total of 26,000 years like the time of 'Jesus', which is the most emphasized point in history, astrologically. Time has been reset by it, from 'BC, 'before Christ', to 'AD, 'Year of our Lord,' when man became God, by accomplishing divine love, through ultimate courage, self-sacrifice in non-violent martyrdom. In doing so, he proved that we need not fear mortal death, that our immature souls are beloved of Creation; but we must go through trials and tribulations, as grades in school. Why bad things happen to good people, the stronger more mature the soul, the harder the tasks become, on the narrow, steep, path, to immortality.

For those who think we live and die, that there's nothing more? That is, what Christ says happens to those who don't grow their heart/soul. 'Eternal damnation' may consist of returning, in reincarnation, to the hell of one's own karmic making. Following the teachings of Christ is the way to be freed from this wheel. As in gestation, 'to every thing there is a season'; we're immature souls in the womb of Mother Earth. We're held in for a reason, our own protection. We're not ready yet; not as long as we fear or hold to mortal reality as all there is.

The fixed 'royal' star Regulus also entered Leo two thousand years ago, as the Wise Men looked for 'the King of Kings.' Regulus, this year, entered Virgo, having been in Leo two thousand years. One of Virgo's keywords is 'harvest,' which Christ often spoke of. The birth of a baby is a 'harvest' when it's 'ripe'. I have come to see our human life as just one stage in the life cycle of the soul, and everything here is urging us to that next, butterfly-out-of-the-chrysalis soul state.

Pisces is cosmic consciousness that cannot separate self from others; like the sea, islands only appear separate. Pisces suffers as long as others suffer and must serve selflessly, through healing, faith, purification, sacrifice. The 'miraculous' is Piscean; all things are possible in the unseen dimensions that this most mystical, culmination, of all signs encompasses.

Christ loved so much he made light that still shines the way today, a joy that started a chain reaction that nothing can stop.

The birth of Christ, is given in prophecy as 'The women clothed with the sun, with the moon at her feet. Pictured all over the world as the "Madonna." The entire prophecy only appeared on one day, September 11, 3 BC, over Bethlehem sunset; as the sun in Virgo, 'woman' (born of a virgin,) just past new moon, so the moon appears at her feet in star maps. Born near sunset, Pisces was east, which is why a fish is his symbol.

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