Citizen of the Week

Thursday, October 18, 2012

This week's Citizen of the Week is Alderman Ken Pownall. His nominator puts it this way: "Mr. Pownall has spent years devoting his time volunteering on any number of committees and commissions, most recently on City Council. A lot of his energy has gone into trying to untangle the mare's nest of city code, for example his recent collaborative work on the sign ordinance. Lest anyone think a sign ordinance is not important, drive through any city of any size without one. Much of this work does not seem exciting to the average person, but without it the quality of life here would certainly be diminished for all of us. There are 1,001 unseen factors at work at all times in our civic lives, and as is often the case, much work is done by a committed few." Thank you Mr. Pownall.

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