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Friday, November 9, 2012

Off to the pen

Mary Pinkley wasn't at her business on North Main, Mary's Jerky, today. She was doing time in the pen.

Pinkley is one of the locals who was scheduled to be rounded up and taken to jail at the Rockin' Pig Wednesday, there to languish until they made bail. The arrests were made in the name of the Muscular Dystrophy Association, with bail going to support research for a cure.

"They asked 'Am I going to turn myself in?'" Pinkley said. "I said, 'Tell the po-po they have to come and get me."

MDA Lock-ups are the main fundraiser for the association, which funds research on neuromuscular diseases. Pinkley collected her bail ahead of time -- in one hour last week she collected $235 by asking other downtown business owners for a $5 donation. She also plans to hit up Facebook friends and former coworkers. Despite the fact that Pinkely is not at high risk for flight, the MDA set her bail at $2,000.

"I'm going to beat it," Pinkley said last week.

Otherwise, she spent the afternoon in the pen at the Rockin' Pig with the other miscreants. But she didn't plan to make trouble when the police came to get her.

"I will go willingly," she said. "I don't want to be handcuffed. I'm not into bondage."

Gabriel, Blow Your Horn

A month and a half ago, Carole Martin was sitting in a pew in the auditorium of First Baptist Penn Memorial Church, visualizing the 'Voices in the Stained Glass' Veterans Day service she was planning. Martin could see the figure of Major Penn, a Civil War veteran, taking the podium and speaking about war. She could see the people portraying the church founders standing in front of the stained-glass windows dedicated to their memories. She was visualizing their entrance when she imagined she heard trumpet music, and thought, "That's what we need." But she didn't know anyone who played the trumpet.

She was working in the church the next Saturday, which was Jazz Festival weekend, when she heard trumpet music.

"I thought it was Gabriel," she said.

Racing outside, she saw the trolley going up the street, a guy on the back playing the trumpet. Running down the street after the trolley, she caught up with it and asked the player, Jeff Gray, if he would play a hymn at the service. Gray, who plays with The 1 Oz. Jig, a Fayetteville-based band, agreed.

He will also play 'Taps' for the flag ceremony during the service, which honors veterans and founders of the church, which is celebrating its centennial. The service starts at 11 a.m. on Sunday, Nov. 11, at First Baptist Penn Memorial Church, 100 Spring Street. All are welcome.

Best Veterans Day Halloween

Costume Ever

Kyle and Jeanine Gilbert of Fort Worth, Texas, had a plan -- to spend Halloween in Salem, Mass. It was a good plan except for one small thing -- Hurricane Sandy.

Instead, the couple spent Halloween in Eureka Springs, where they attended the Barefoot Ball on Halloween night. They wore costumes duplicating a famous 'Life' magazine photo -- Jeanine in a nurse's uniform and Kyle as the kissing sailor celebrating the end of World War II in the Pacific. But he didn't enlist willingly.

"He said 'If I'm going to get in costume, make it one I'll feel comfortable in,'" Jeanine said.

Kyle's father and brother were in the Navy, so he was OK with it, and she's always liked the 'Life' photo. So made a nurse's outfit, and found a real sailor's uniform and white sailor cap for Kyle. For costume contest judges at the Barefoot Ball, they reproduced the photo, which was taken on V-J Day, Aug. 14, 1945, in Times Square.

While they didn't win best couple, Kyle did take the prize for best costume in the men's category -- presumably because people liked his style. So does Jeanine -- she's been married to him for 24 years. Is he a good kisser?

"Pretty good," she said.

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