City council agenda

Thursday, November 22, 2012

At its next meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 27, the Eureka Springs City Council will tackle over a dozen issues, including the following:

* Non-conforming Off-Premise Signs -- 2 ordinances

* Weekly dwelling units Ordinance No. 2167 -- 2nd reading

* City Attorney's review of the Auditorium agreement for 2013

* Yellow Bag Committee recommendations

* Discussion of Code section 4.48, amending to "City-permitted" or "City-sanctioned"

* Voluntary tax for the Cemetery Commission/Mr. Clark's .6 mils estimate

* Discussion of readjustment of vacation water rates

* Lake Lucerne Rd. specification documents, ordinance, contractor, bid waiving, deeds

* Nellie Clark's lawsuit case against the city

* Discussion of Outdoor Sales

* Pg. 3 Personnel Policy Handbook and A.C.A.14-42-110

* State Statute re: Council to decide number of Police Officers

* 2012 Budget Adjustment Resolution

* Check signatories

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