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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanks from Flint Street


We want to extend a very big "Thank You" from Flint Street Fellowship to the Pied Piper Pub and Inn for another very successful food and fundraiser last Thursday held for our pantry and lunchroom. The amount of food and money collected was very substantial and will keep our shelves full for quite a while. The success of the event is no doubt due to the hard work of the folks at the Pied Piper, but also the delicious food this event has become famous for. The area restaurants that donated the delicious food were Rock Town Distillery, Rogues Manor, Mud Street Cafe, Dena Smith, Geraldi's, Ermilio's, Glazers, McBride's, Road House, Local Flavor, Garden Bistro, Bubba's, Meili's Cuisine, Crescent Hotel, Rockin Pig, Anglers, Squid & Whale and Caribe. However, the event would not be complete without the beautiful limo from Eureka Taxi parked outside to put canned goods into, and also the huge box truck from W.T. Fockers which they use to so generously fill up with food from their store to match and more that which was donated by the very generous and caring folks who attended the event. We can hardly believe all that was donated and we are so grateful to everyone who worked and gave to help feed those who need a helping hand in our community. We pray God blesses you all as He has certainly blessed this ministry through you.

Pat Kasner

Reader says city should take care of this

Dear Editor:

I was not at the City Council meeting on Oct. 25th when the subject of Nelli Clarks' lawsuit was discussed and so picked up a Citizen to read about the discussion.

There is, what I think, a very misleading statement at the end of the first paragraph: "Although the city employees did help clean up the mess, Clark subsequently sued the city."

I am a neighbor of Ms. Clark's and was at her home minutes after the forced sewage incident. Not only was her upstairs bathroom tub, sink and toilet overflowing onto the floor, but her kitchen sink had filled and was beginning to overflow also. It was hours before ONE city employee showed to help clean up the mess.

In the meantime, all Ms. Clark received was a "run around" on the phone and conflicting statements from the those in various departments who would even take her calls. By the time the employee showed up, Ms. Clark had cleaned up the kitchen area, the bathroom sink, toilet and was working on the bathroom tub.

Because the overflow was so excessive, sewage seeped into the base boards and under the floor boards to drip from the ceiling below the bathroom. The one city employee was helpful in finishing the clean out/up of the tub, but that was the extent of the city's help. As for the part of your statement "Clark subsequently sued the city'," it makes it sound like this a grudge suit against the city on Ms. Clark's behalf, when all she wants is to be repaid for the damages the accident caused to her home. Some of which she has already had to repair without compensation from the city.

This was an unfortunate accident that the City employees caused and the City should take care of it!

Susie Allen