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Friday, November 30, 2012

[Editor's Note: Too often we receive excellent letters of comment we would like to publish but cannot do so because they are unsigned. Please include your name and contact information when you write. Otherwise, your effort is wasted and we lose a good letter. Thanks.]

Thanks for the support


We would like to thank everyone who came to our 24th Annual Fall Antique Show and Sale and those who advertised it on their marquee and those who told visitors about this special weekend held at the Inn of the Ozarks Convention Center. Our attendees came from 14 different states, and our dealers from 15. They stayed in various lodgings, ate at numerous restaurants, shopped around town, bought gas, and groceries and used the ATMs.

It still amazes us after all these years and all the advertising we do, that some people are not aware of this activity every third weekend in November and March. This is the oldest continually running Antique Show and Sale in Northwest Arkansas.

Eureka Springs benefits from tax dollars spent here over the weekend, not just this weekend but for the past 23 years. Each event, antique show, car show, art show or some other happening brings people here to our community, and we all need to support them. We think that a Community Bulletin Board on the week's activity would be beneficial -- perhaps in the Basin Park or the Auditorium?

Dave and Jane Baker, Antique Show managers

Grateful, Not Proud


As I was enjoying a Thanksgiving dinner in the beautiful Crystal Dining Room, I thought about all the folks who are not having a Thanksgiving dinner anywhere. Not discounting our wonderful Flint St. Food Bank and other local establishments providing free meals, I mulled over this notion of being grateful but not proud.

How could I be proud of a society in which 5 percent or less of the citizens control 95 percent of the material wealth? How can I be anything other than deeply ashamed of a country still conducting imperialistic wars in other countries, posing as a democracy as we continue to wantonly destroy the land we stole from the Native Americans (who, by the way, do not believe that anyone owns land, it belongs to the creator)? The First People are still holed up on reservations and are usually the last to receive any money from the government for social programs, etc.

Why would I be proud of a nation that condones shooting people trying to enter our "land of the free, home of the brave"? Does anyone remember that line "Give me your poor, your homeless, etc."? Who, having a heart that still beats, would support presidential candidates who favor ignoring the "47%" who don't pay taxes, and ask for non-citizens to voluntarily deport themselves?

As I patted my full stomach today, I wondered about the law that makes it illegal for restaurants to donate the tons of leftover food to those who need it..Anyone out there done any dumpster diving AFTER the food is placed in the trash?

Yes, I'm grateful to be an American because I can write this letter and not be arrested. I am grateful to live in the United States of America even though I am deeply ashamed of the shallow and self-serving values of those among us who turn a deaf ear to the underprivileged, the "have-nots," the disenfranchised millions who are still treated as second-class citizens. My feelings are best expressed on a bumper sticker I see now and then: "Until we all are free, no one is free." Amen to that!

Barbara Rose Citizen of Eureka Springs

New hospital?


Many of you know that I took a fall at home last week. My husband drove me to ESH for X-rays and I was admitted for observation. This has been at least my twelfth visit/stay at ESH since I moved to our town in 1997.

Folks, we must build a new hospital...not only for our devoted medical staff, but for our community, too.

We must keep our city vital. That means we must stay current with the times. We wisely decided we needed a new high school to continue to attract young educators, new students and families to our town. We supplied our law enforcers with a new police station and detention center for the safety of our community. We built a new water treatment plant to insure our community's water supply.

Our town's doctors are approaching retirement age. We need to attract future medical professionals with a new and competitive facility.

We must commit to building a new hospital. The land is available. There is money to begin building. The hospital commission has a nest egg squirreled away. The last I heard, the commission has approximately a quarter of a million. Let's get those bucks working for us, now.

I'm going to open a Eureka Springs Hospital Building Fund (ESHBF) at the Community First Bank. I am going to tithe (10% of my income) each month, because I am not a member of any religious organization.

Here's my challenge...I ask each of you to budget monthly for this cause and give what you can to this fund. Let's get this project done without any new taxes.

The account is now open and ready for donations. Just ask for the Eureka Springs Hospital Building Fund at the Community First Bank.

Enid B. Swartz