Dispatch Desk

Friday, December 21, 2012

December 10

3:40 p.m. -- A female individual turned herself in on a Eureka Springs warrant.

December 11

7:53 a.m. -- An alarm at a local go-kart facility turned out to be false. No sign of attempted entry.

10:34 a.m. -- That same dog that barks every week on Mill Hollow Road was at it again. Animal Control attempted to contact the owner, who was not home, so left a message to contact the police department in reference to multiple, multiple complaints.

12:33 p.m. -- A complainant advised of a blue Ford Ranger truck parked in the weeds behind the a local inn. It had been there two days. Officers made contact with an individual on the scene. They also observed a large amount of scrap metal in the vehicle. The property owner was contacted to verify damage to the property. The individual was arrested for criminal trespass, theft of property, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

12:43 p.m. -- A caller from a big hotel downtown asked for help in reference to a guy named Ron who keeps returning to the property after being told not to come back and who becomes belligerent when asked to leave. He sure must like that old hotel. It is a pretty nice place.

1:28 p.m. -- A caller from Wall Street reported a towing truck had hit their rock wall and damaged it. A report was taken.

1:49 p.m. -- A caller from near Prospect and Howell Streets reported being chased by a medium sized brown and white dog not on its leash. The animal was back in its yard by the time Animal Control arrived, and Animal Control contacted the owner.

2:37 p.m. -- A caller reported a "rough-looking" white male subject in a silver Toyota car at the Leatherwood ball field trying to get into the concession stand. Idiot. Officers could find no one in the area when they checked it out.

3:12 p.m. -- A caller from Mountain Street requested to speak to an officer about a young man she did not want anywhere near her property. She was not home when they checked it out.

3:54 p.m. -- Two parties from Ridgeway called simultaneously to complain about each other. One person said the neighbor's dog was being vicious. The other neighbor said she was being harrassed. The responding officer talked to both parties and peacefully resolved the situation.

December 12

10:34 a.m. -- A caller from Mill Hollow Road. Yes, the barking dog. It quits barking when the police show up. Nice trick.

1:44 p.m. -- A 29-year-old caller from a local private school reported having trouble with some kids. The caller could not explain the problem. The responding officer discovered the caller had just changed his meds and was confused at the moment. No harm no foul.

5:41 p.m. -- A "Be On The Lookout"/welfare check was issued for a male individual who had just left a downtown pub headed to Pea Ridge, methed-out and despondent over the recent suicide of a friend. The caller advised he was known to carry weapons. That's just great.

5:47 p.m. -- A caller reported some genius hit her vehicle with a blue and white pickup near College and US Hwy 62, did not stop, drove on down the street, hit something else, parked the truck at the residence, then got out and stumbled inside. That could not have ended well.

9:33 p.m. -- A caller from Elk Street reported a domestic disturbance in which a female had left the scene in a blue Escort, headed toward White Street, drunk as Cooter Brown. When police arrived, the caller explained it was all verbal, that he had retrieved his property and was getting the heck out for the night. Officers could not find the Escort in the area.

11:05 p.m. -- The young lady from the earlier domestic disturbance was pulled over as a result of a traffic stop, arrested for DWE #1, improper display, failure to use her turn signal, and no proof of insurance. "Improper display" means the license plate was in the wrong place, not that she flashed her boobs or anything.

December 13

4:56 a.m. -- Carroll County Sheriff's Office assisted at a residence on County Road 301.

7:52 a.m. -- A caller from the corner of Mill Hollow and Main Street reported a two-vehicle accident. No injuries. The officer filed a report.

December 14

7:10 a.m. -- An officer worked a minor accident involving a patrol car up on Spring Street by the leather shop. I remember this time a guy ran into a cop car at the traffic light right outside my house. I heard the squeal of brakes and the crash, and one second later, the blue lights were flashing. Oops.

8:10 a.m. -- A caller from a hog-themed gift shop out at the top of Leatherwood hill reported a two-vehicle accident between a semi and a passenger car. Guess who won. No injuries.

2:04 p.m. -- An officer was requested at the middle school over threats made by a student who had been suspended.

December 15

9:18 a.m. -- A complainant advised finding the front door open of a local inn and a table missing from the lobby. The officer responded and a report was taken.

4:03 p.m. -- A caller from Alamo Street called to file a report for a stolen remote control car. He advised his friend stole it from him. The friend advised he had in fact bought the remote control from the first guy for $450. That's a nice little hot rod. Go Speed Racer!

4:06 p.m. -- A complainant came by the police station personally to report a vehicle heading west toward Berryville "driving very slowly and slamming on the brakes." The car however had zoomed away by the time they could check it out.

7:44 p.m. -- A caller reported three suspicious cars parked behind the pizza joint up on the highway. The officer checking the vehicles discovered they all belonged to the same person, who was probably visiting a nearby residence. Okay. ?

December 16

12:17 a.m. -- So this one guy called the police because he was trying to call his friend this girl, but this other guy answered the phone and threatened to kill the first guy the next time he saw him. Presumably for trying to call the girl? Just guessing. So the first guy didn't recognize the second guy and asked the police for help. The officer attempted to go to the residence of the girl in the middle of all this melodrama, but it was the wrong house. Dude: Stay away from the girl. Nothing good happens after midnight.

12:50 a.m. -- So this same guy calls back and says the second dude has called him and is again making threats. So this guy wanted the police to call back the phone number the second guy had been calling from. Surprisingly, no one answered. The officer left a message.

7:49 a.m. -- It had to happen. Tragically, a caller on Sunday morning reported he and come down to check out the nativity scene in Basin Park and felt something was amiss. Sure enough, the officers responding discovered a camel missing from the scene. At 8:52 they received a call from that big hotel right there by the park, who reported the camel was sitting outside a guest's room upstairs, smoking a cigarette. The camel was then returned to its proper place.

3:19 p.m. -- A caller from Owen Street advised of a male subject possibly stalking her. Officers responded and a report was taken.

10:00 p.m. -- An officer attempted to relay a message to a resident at a local trailer park that her mother in Green Forest was sick but could not find the trailer described because the caller did not know the address.

10:12 p.m. -- A caller reported a suspicious, possibly drunk person in a vehicle parking at a local convenience store.

10:17 p.m. -- A walk-in to the police station reported finding a bloody shirt in his mother's shed.

10:30 p.m. -- A caller from a local motel wanted to speak to an officer about being threatened via a social media site. Could it be Facebook? The officer responded and found out it was just an argument.