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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Thank you 'Friends of Leatherwood'


Although I'm personally very happy with the way Lake Leatherwood Park exists today and use it frequently, I understand the need for certain improvements there that will attract more people to enjoy its quiet beauty. In other words, this will be an unselfish invitation for others to enjoy another of our local gifts. As a representative of a local group of interested persons, I would like to commend Bruce Levine and all of the others involved in the 'Friends of Leatherwood' renovation project for the direction they are taking. Bill Featherstone, as spokesman for the 'Friends' group, is emphasizing one of our major concerns: "That's what Leatherwood is -- a peaceful place," "1620 acres of blissful nature preserve." The need for quiet recreation and the preservation of the No Wake regulation, on the lake itself, are also among our top priorities. Thank you.

Rand Cullen

Enjoying the season in Eureka


We have been coming to Eureka over 35 years, especially the week after Christmas. The steel serpent from Delphia Dreams, as well as the bottle tree and dinosaurs in our yard, are not there because we want to bring Eureka Springs home with us; it's just how we are. I understand how Eureka Springs is.

I look forward to the Christmas lights and slowing down, hearing about the City Council problems, seeing my friends like Libby and Cliff at Ermilio's. I do miss the model trains in the lower part of the Bath House.

The last five or six years, ES seems to be more into overpricing -- blame it on both Bush and Obama, both sides are out of control.

Local Favor was great and Ermilio's Thursday through Saturday was fantastic. A new shop on 62, an auctioneer to be, the gal's shop by the vintage motorcycle shop was an interesting place. Mitchell and his gallery is fascinating. To the lamp lady by the library, Fantasy & Stone, we look forward to seeing you again, and thanks to Steve Arnold for the meteorite talk. He may have the most interesting place on Spring Street. Thanks for the ideas, talk and we will see you next year.

Now that I'm thinking about it, my cat came from your shelter.

Mike Binder