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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Texting while driving and student safety


More people are killed in auto accidents than by guns. Yet I see no real effort to train or control the idiots who get behind the wheel of their autos and proceed to talk on the phone, text, eat or even be intoxicated and/or any combination of the above, not to mention the many other activities that distract drivers from their job and obligation of driving competently.

I would hasten to remind all "competent" drivers, or those who believe that they are competent, that there is no god riding as your co-pilot, it is you and only you who is guiding your ton or so of steel and plastic down the road. Please try to remember that, and also try to understand the double yellow line in the middle of the road is NOT a guideline to put your tires on. When you round a curve, try staying in your lane rather than the oncoming lane. Steering your car does not make you a competent driver, there is a big difference between driving and steering.

On a slight change of subject, where I am from there are 6' fences and gates around schools with very limited access during school hours. Visitors are funneled into the administration building and offices rather than allowed to enter the property or classroom buildings. This prevented some truancy, but in fact, kept unwanted strangers from wandering onto the school property. I can hear the cry of 'don't fence me in', but this small and relatively inexpensive measure would prevent much of the worry about unwanted intrusions into our schools.

So in conclusion; learning to drive and using common sense while driving would be of great benefit to all. The gain of driving without the overconfidence that many drivers demonstrate could reduce auto deaths and generally make the roads safer.

Building and maintaining fences around all schools would create far more security in our schools than trying to put the cat back in the bag as far as Assault Weapons and large capacity magazines go. On that subject, I would love to hear the plan to take all the guns away from the criminals before making any guns illegal to own or removing them from law-abiding citizens.

Thanks for reading,

Rick Burry

We didn't know who to call...


We met him late in his life, introduced by a mutual friend, a tall slender biker named Pat Mitchel.

Though he didn't know us well, we became fast friends and learned what a selfless person he was.

He poured the foundation for our house, after the framing, being an electrician in life, he started wiring the house, almost got finished but sometimes, (always) something happens.

Pat got to feeling slower, more tired you know, something was wrong.

It didn't take long, "a blink of an eye," from Christmas Day to hospice until Jan. 11, 2013.

Pat Mitchell surrounded by loved ones died at 10:30 a.m. Say a prayer.

I write this because I loved him and I kow others lived him and should know. Like I said, we didn't know who to call...

God speed, Pat.

Robin & Georgie