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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hopes for new hospital


Three months ago, I opened an account at the Community First Bank of Eureka Springs. The account's purpose was to raise money to build a new hospital. Sadly, due to a family fiscal emergency in Minnesota, I have been forced to close this account. I was the sole donor to the fund since I opened it.

However, my action did accomplish one goal. It seemed to get the Hospital Commission off the dime and move towards building a much needed modern medical facility for our town.

The commission has decided to hire a hospital planner. He/she will study our present situation and submit a plan for the future. This smacks of a "feasibility study" and as I see it, an avoidance scenario by the commission.

After fifteen years of living in this town, I have observed that experts are hired, if the group hopes the move will get the heat off their heels. Plans or studies are very costly. In the past, the plan is usually shelved, never to be looked at again.

One hopes the commission won't waste a goodly percentage of their $250,000 on a delaying tactic only to claim they have done something.

Enid B. Swartz