UFO conference speakers address standing-room-only crowds

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Ozark UFO Conference might have to find a new venue next year, if this past weekend's attendance at the Inn of the Ozarks was any indication of the future.

The 26th annual conference had 600 people pre-registered, said conference organizer Dolores Cannon Friday, the largest it had ever had. And by Saturday, numbers swelled to the point where the 700-seat capacity in the main conference room was overflowing with people standing, lining the back walls. Parking overflowed to the lots at the old high school across the street.

Lucius Farish organized and ran the conference from 1989 to 2009, and he passed away last year. Cannon, a well-known hypnotist and past-life regressionist, took over running the conference this year.

The conference's nine speakers covered a diverse array of subjects, and there was notably less focus on government disclosure of UFOs than there had been in the past. Although subjects ranged from sightings, aliens and artifacts to pyramids and crop circles around the world, there was a decided emphasis on metaphysics and what the interconnection of all these subjects might mean for the future of this planet.

Following are highlights of some of the conference presenters.

Ted Phillips spoke of an artifact found deep in a cave the Slovakian mountains by a man who had escaped from the Nazis. Phillips said he has gone into the cave but was not able to reach the artifact because of rock collapses. He said he would like to go back, but the area is so remote, the only feasible way is to reach it by helicopter, which he cannot afford to do.

Larry Cekander showed an alleged artifact that originally was found by friend and fellow musician Bob White in Colorado in 1985, following an encounter with a ship, from which the object fell, he said. It is about 8 inches long, is somewhat conical in shape, weighs a little over a pound and appears to be made of a lightweight metal. The surface appears rough and layered, almost feathered. The object emits two radio-frequencies, one at 500,000 Hz and the other unmeasurable on Cekander's meter.

Cekander said samples from the object were tested by the National Institute for Discovery Science and by a lab at Los Alamos, N.M. and was originally claimed to be an "aluminum alloy of unknown origin, unlike anything we've seen before." He said it contains 85 percent aluminum, 4.3 percent silver, and 32 other elements. Aluminum alloys typically contain no more than nine other elements, he said.

White was accused of making up the extraterrestrial origin of the artifact, but he passed a polygraph test that showed he was not lying. He and Cekander lived in Reeds Spring, Mo., had performed together in Branson and had a traveling museum of the unexplained. Before White passed away, he gave the object to Cekander, who continues to show it.

Nigel Grace spent three summers working on the pyramids recently discovered in Bosnia by Dr. Semir Osmanigich. He spoke about some of the discoveries made at the pyramids, which are larger and older (estimated at 24,800 years) than those in Egypt. The pyramids are constructed of stone but also covered with an "artificial concrete" that is "five times stronger than the strongest concrete in Germany and is much more water absorbent." He said it is not cut, but molded and is filled with quartz crystal. There are interesting phenomena surrounding these pyramids, such as their alignments with solstices, equinoxes and the stars, and electromagnetic fields that shoot straight up (natural hills show horizontal fields), as well tunnels with water and hollow megaliths that contain some kind of object and locations beneath the pyramids that emit sounds. Grace said that after working in the pyramid tunnels, he had been healed of a serious back injury that would have required surgery.

He said runes had been found and translated.

"Are we being told that here in the tunnels is a form of energy that can be transformed for the benefit of society?" he asked.

Some speakers touched on extraterrestrial and human biology. JJ and Desirée Hurtak spoke of the possibilities of ETs visiting Earth and creating humans. JJ said that many ETs have visited Earth, that "lower entities" are responsible for wars and upheavals and that indigenous peoples are the "keepers of the wisdom associated with sacred places."

JJ also spoke of pyramids all over the planet and said he had worked with those in Egypt. He said there are rivers and canal systems below them.

"We documented a whole grid system under Giza," he said, "with the permission of the Egyptian authorities."

Linda Moulton Howe, a popular UFO and crop circle researcher who has presented at this conference nearly every year, spoke on the taxonomy of ETs, identifying five different humanoid species (one of which is very hostile to humans and has abducted them and performed tests), brought here by two types of ETs named "Ebens." All this information came from a March 1981 briefing to President Ronald Reagan, she said.

"Our planet is a sociological experiment," she said. "That's why 'they' persist in the guardian role rather than the renegade." But she ended by asking what the end game of the Ebens is.

Jaime Maussan, from Mexico City, runs a television show equivalent to the American "60 Minutes." He is a journalist who has researched the UFO phenomenon. He brought videos of UFO's seen in Mexico and elsewhere, one of which was recorded on Saturday and sent by internet.

Cannon spoke on messages received from ETs through clients under hypnosis, especially those relating to abductions. She spoke at length about parallel dimensions and experiences such as "missing time," which she calls "condensed time," and people slipping in and out of other dimensions. As far as implants are concerned, she said, they're not bad, as some people fear.

She said the ETs told her, "Why do some people always think we're here to take over the world? It's ours and always has been. We can't do anything as bad to you as you have done to yourselves."

She said UFO propulsion is done with the mind using crystals on board the craft.

"All they have to do is think it and go."

She said Earth is the densest planet in the universe and very hard to live on, which is why ETs created the small "grey" aliens, which are biological robots not affected by the density of Earth.

She said the ETs are forbidden to harm human beings and to interfere with our civilization, unless we are about to blow the planet up.

"They are afraid of us because of our violence," she said. "If we just get our act together, we could be a great asset to them because of our curiosity and creativity."

Whether one believes in ETs, UFOs, pyramid power and other similar phenomena or not, there is no doubt conferences such as these are growing in popularity.

While not one tinfoil hat was spotted, there seemed to be a camaraderie among conference-goers, typified by one woman who said Friday evening that she had not yet attended a single presentation.

"I just like coming here and making connections with like-minded people," she said.

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  • 32...other elements my friends. Step right up here and take a loooooooooong gander! For the amazing price of $10 you can hold this alien thing!

    -- Posted by Atlas Shrugged on Mon, Apr 22, 2013, at 8:36 PM
  • I agree,more conferences should take part in MO.

    -- Posted by frednorf on Sat, May 4, 2013, at 2:23 PM
  • Nice job on the story for the conference! For those who mentioned it, Missouri has an annual conference in Kansas City - this year it is PARACON, hosted by KGRA Radio Network with keynote speakers Stanton Friedman and Richard Dolan. Visit kgraparacon.com for more info.

    -- Posted by MargieKay on Mon, Jun 10, 2013, at 10:58 AM
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