The Natural Way: The science of staying healthy

Friday, July 19, 2013

If you decide to take charge of your health and make well informed choices then use science to guide you. Science is the measure of usefulness on those things that are physical in our world. If you have an illness or cancer then there is a physical manifestation of something that can have profound meaning behind it. At the very least is the wake-up call involved. This sort of understanding is about the healing of the ailment and cannot be easily separated from the treatment of the condition. But, treating the condition as a physical manifestation is required in almost all cases. Science is a reliable guide though the human spirit is very involved so be very certain to pay attention to your best knowing.

In science, mathematics is used to express value. Statistics give a measure to the likely outcome. This is called probability. With any illness if you do nothing the probability is 50% that you'll get better or worse. The goal is to find medicines that will shift the probability in your favor. To choose these medicines you can rely upon what you are told or you can research on your own and make up your own mind. Sometimes a little bit of both. Science will hedge when telling what it thinks. Mostly, phrases like "may help" or "could be" are used as science can only tell you of the probability of the outcome not what will actually happen. Be wary of anyone telling you absolutes as well as anyone who offers treatments without outcome studies showing probability.

Remember, the website found online through the MedLine search function is a free site to find scientific information on supplements/herbs. One thing to watch for here is the difference between "in vivo" and "in vitro". In vivo means in the living body while in vitro means in a test tube or laboratory setting. Not everything in vitro translates to - in the living body, though it very well might. Lots of science exists on supplements/herbals and much of it supports the use of them with many ailments including cancers. Look for yourself by going to the MedLine website and searching for "modified citrus pectin". You'll be surprised.

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