The Natural Way: Words hold true after 15 years

Thursday, July 3, 2014

This fall will mark my 15th year with the Citizen. Here is an excerpt from the very first Natural Way column.

"What an exciting time it is in which we live. Just as I sit to write this first column on The Natural Way, I become aware of the awe typifying any new venture.

What happens next now that I am aware of the awe depends upon many things. What do I do with this excitement? Do I get anxious and squash the new venture by naysaying or exclaiming, "I tried that 10 years ago and it didn't work!" (controlling as a defense against anxiety) or do I muster my courage and engage this new thing?

Am I sufficiently supported by the people around me? Am I really and truly supportive of myself? Do I have a strong enough sense that there is something greater than me (faith)? What I do and how I go about doing it now, not only determines my impact on those around me (external world) but also on my internal world. What I'm describing is how community health (those around me) and personal health (my internal world) is connected to my emotions and actions. When I can easily shuttle between my community and internal world, life is terrific.

A Naturopath will look at a person's ailment as a natural interruption in life. Why now? What is happening in this person's life so that illness is present?

An interruption in life isn't necessarily a bad thing to be cured. Until the person is open and ready to regain health, well-being is rare, more illness usually occurs.

A Naturopath will spend time -- getting to know the human being in front of them. From getting to know them, the next step is to gently bolster the person's emotional state and immune system.

A person's immune system and their emotions are intimately linked. Hope and faith are very important elements of emotional health. When a person is enjoying good emotional health, the immune system usually responds in kind, helping the person to get past the ailment.

Getting past the ailment doesn't necessarily mean cure; it could mean adjusting so that life becomes full and rich even though there is an ailment, serious or simple. Healing includes letting go of whatever was being held in place and an open attitude to the excitement and awe of life in a new way. Illness often wakes us up and says, 'Come on -- get with it. Life isn't guaranteed; find a way to enjoy the awe of life as it is, now!' "

Good reminders, I think, that being human is the same now as it was then and that the importance of life is to fully engage ... as a human being.