Cemetery commission seeks to expand membership

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Eureka Springs Cemetery Commission is looking to add a few more warm bodies to its roster.

The commission met Wednesday, Feb. 8, for a special workshop to review the municipal code for the cemetery and suggest possible changes to the city council. Secretary and treasurer Bob Thomas said the workshop had been scheduled because vice chairwoman Susan Tharp wanted to discuss increasing the number of commissioners.

Tharp said she believes the addition of two members would help with the commission’s workload.

“I feel like if you put people on the committee then their volunteering will be more substantial,” she said. “They will stick with it because they have a commitment.”

Tharp continued, “We’re not in dire need of somebody, but if we really want to excel at the cemetery and make it what we envision we’re going to need some more help.”

Thomas said increasing from five members to seven members would change the number of commissioners needed for a quorum to be present.

“If we change to seven members, we will need four members present to have a quorum at meetings,” he said.

The commissioners agreed that two additional members would be beneficial to the cemetery. Thomas said they would need to speak with the mayor and the city attorney about whether a new ordinance would be needed to change the number of commissioners.

“We need to present a question to the mayor so he can pass it on to the city attorney,” he said. “We need to ask if we need to do a whole new ordinance to change the commission from five to seven members.”

The commission also met for an emergency meeting before the workshop. They voted to authorize chairwoman and cemetery superintendent Peg Adamson to spend up to $100 on three new signs to post on the cemetery grounds.

Adamson said the signs in question are in regard to heavy equipment coming into and operating in the city cemetery without prior approval by the cemetery staff, the cemetery superintendent or the cemetery commission.

The new signs have three parts and read as follows:

1. NO HEAVY EQUIPMENT (tractors, bulldozers, dump trucks, etc.) allowed in the City Cemetery without prior permission from the Cemetery Superintendent.

2. Permission from the owner or from the Cemetery Superintendent is required prior to working on or altering any grave, monument, memorial or decoration.

3. Effective February 8, 2017. The City Cemetery Commission


Adamson said Wicker Walker Printing and Design would be making the signs. She said the three new signs would be posted at the front of the cemetery, at the groundskeeper’s shed and in the back of the cemetery.

The commission’s next regular meeting is scheduled for 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, March 1, at the Auditorium.

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