The Natural Way: All-natural solution

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Iíve been using Serraflazyme for a long time now. I started out by swallowing 20 mg/day (four small tablets) and recently raised that amount to 25mg/day. I believe measuring my blood pressure is a good way of seeing what this has accomplished. Back when I started my blood pressure was 189/85. Today it is 135/67.

Serrapeptase is an enzyme produced by silkworms. Serrapeptase appears to dissolve all nonliving tissue including blood clots, cysts, arterial plaque and inflammation both acute and chronic. In the Med-Line search I did, I found positive reports on the thinning of phlegm, reduction of swelling/carpal tunnel, venous disease (especially leg swelling or varicose veins), fluid build-up (edema), as a very fast anti-inflammatory, pain reduction/swelling from engorged breasts, as a clot buster and reducing infections especially from bacteria (for instance bladder infection). This information comes from highly credible sources.

I read that the clinical use in Europe and Asia spans over 35 years. Over there the system has used serrapeptase to eliminate bronchpulmonary secretions (mucus/phlegm), sprains and torn ligaments and other traumatic injuries, edema, and for reducing post-operative swelling. Specifically, in Germany it has been used to treat atherosclerosis as this enzyme eats up the plaque without harming the healthy tissue.

Side effects? I couldnít find any at all with 30 mg or less taken each day. People with arterial/venous troubles seem to use this amount each day for months at a time. At much higher doses (60mg/day) a few case studies reported nasties possibly attributed to serrapeptase. This is clearly a powerful all-natural product so some care is reasonable and I donít think taking more than 25 mg/day is useful.

Be careful in buying and using a product if the measured dosage is in International Units (iu) as this can be misleading. The science/medicine I describe above uses measurements in milligrams (mg). Converting from one unit to the other is confusing and you really donít want to use over 25mg/day of serrapeptase.

And, be absolutely sure the tablet is enteric-coated because if it isnít the stomach acids neutralize any benefit.