WCCAD chairman expresses concern over ES reports

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

At the Western Carroll County Ambulance District Commission’s meeting Tuesday afternoon, chairman Sam Ward focused on the report Eureka Springs Fire Chief Nick Samac sent commissioners earlier in the month.

Samac said there were some mathematical errors on the report, which lists the calls the department has received and response times. Ward said this has been an ongoing problem.

“On top of that, what I talked to you last time about not being able to add four numbers, and it’s the same thing this time,” Ward said. “It’s obvious to me nobody cares.”

Ward asked Samac if the numbers on the report come from the department’s billing company, and Samac said the information is produced by a reporting company.

“We’ve been over this I don’t know how many times,” Ward said.

Samac said he has discussed the issue twice with the commission.

“No, it took you three times to get it done before and then before that you couldn’t even subtract one number from another,” Ward said.

“I don’t need to be chastised,” Samac said.

“Yeah, you do. Yeah, you do,” Ward said. “For 10 months, we haven’t had an accurate report … for 10 months.”

“We changed the format to try to give you what you would like,” Samac said.

“That’s doesn’t have anything to do with subtracting one number from another,” Ward said.

Samac said he proofread the report but “obviously not clearly enough.” He said the department doesn’t send the report until the other ambulance district alliance members send their reports but said that can change.

“I’d be happy to submit you our report without waiting to see the alliance reports. Our previous administration used to wait until we got those reports from all the other alliance members to compare and make sure there weren’t any errors,” Samac said. “Since I’ve been in this position, that’s the way it’s been done. I’d be happy to do it earlier in the month.”

He added, “It would give me more time to review errors that might be coming out of this. I’ll be having someone else do these reports from now on.”

Ward pointed out that the report says the totals are for one month.

“Those aren’t monthly totals. Those are two-month totals. The world’s not going to come to an end, except for I talked to you about this last time and we’ve seen the same thing,” Ward said. “I should apologize to you for getting hot.”

Samac asked Ward to bring future errors to his attention before the commission meets.

“I’ll correct it before we get here. We want this to be a good relationship,” Samac said.

Commissioner Ken Mills agreed.

“We’ve got to start working together, because we’re going into a contract together,” Mills said.

The commission’s next regular meeting is scheduled for 4 p.m. Tuesday, June 21. The location will be announced at a later date.

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