The Natural Way: Supporting supplemental calcium

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Published by MedScape, an educational service for Family Practice doctors, is a report clearing the safety of supplemental calcium. Not just one, but two large-scale studies clearly show no connection between supplementing with common calcium and heart attack in either women or men. Please feel assured and at ease with these findings.

I didnít believe the reporting or the science that set off a scare a few years ago that supplemental calcium could cause harm. But, some medical practitioners were uncomfortable in recommending calcium after a published study linked supplementation to an increase in heart disease. Be assured that even Dr. Oz (a cardiologist) saw the benefit of common calcium as long as it was done properly. Looks like I was in good company.

There is an uncommon type of calcium that will reduce the usual daily dosage and increase absorption by about 65 percent. Think about how that could change your bone density! From across the Pacific Ocean comes a medical article that boldly says there is a change in how we should supplement with calcium. A second published article goes on to say there is a specialized calcium that increases bone mineral density, prevents fractures, appears to inhibit spinal deformity and decreases body fat content. The calcium written about is active absorbable algal calcium aka AAAcalcium and commercially branded as AdvaCal which is available in your supplement store.

This special calcium is made by heating cleaned oyster shell to 800 degrees under reduced pressure and mixing it with similarly heated seaweed (Cystophyllum fusiforme). There likely is a link to the reduction of ailments due to aging (blood pressure, memory loss, hardening of the arteries, etc.) by increasing the absorption of calcium. This has to do with your parathyroid gland. The dose of this special calcium taken each day is less than ordinary calcium.

With this type of calcium the added nutrients magnesium, vitamin D, K and six others in AdvaCal are not necessary for the benefit of bone building, fracture prevention, and reduction of body fat content but is a nice extra, especially the vitamin K. Most people expect that vitamin D, at least, is required with calcium so Lane Medical adds it to make it easier to sell. This is one great supplement.