Passion Play volunteers help clean up community center

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Eureka Springs Community Center is getting a little sprucing up this week.

Young volunteers helped clean up the Eureka Springs Community Center at the beginning of the week, and Eureka Springs Parks and Recreation Commission chairman Bill Featherstone said he was inspired by their willingness to work. Featherstone said Kent Butler, marketing director of the Passion Play, heard volunteers were needed to help clean up. Butler offered to send over kids, Featherstone said, to help out.

“My initial thought was ‘Is it going to be worth it?’ It was the exact opposite of that,” Featherstone said.

He said he explained what needed to be done at the community center and the volunteers were eager to help out.

“It was amazing, the energy and their willingness to help. It was inspiring to see them help. They wanted to be there and they wanted to help,” Featherstone said.

Butler said the Passion Play has groups throughout the summer that come to help with volunteer work at the play and in the city.

“They are in between the seventh grade and the 12th grade,” Butler said. “Last year we had 238 teenagers in June and July and this year we are probably going to see in between 500 and 700 teenagers.”

Butler said 60 teenagers are helping out this week.

“That means we get to spread the love a little bit and tackle projects within the community, and one of the best ways to do that is through the community center,” he said.

The volunteer team was supposed to work at the community center only one day this week, Butler said, but they decided to work there more. He said groups will be working at the community center next week as well. Butler said organizations will be working together through TEAM effort, an interdenominational Christian mission organization.

“This year we have our own mission trips coming. The kids stay here on mission at the Passion Play. They devote their entire week to help us out,” he said.

Butler said three groups have been working with them this week: a group from Minnesota, a group from Splendora, Texas, and a group from Oklahoma City.

He said each year the team works to find a project and provide help where it is needed most.

“We’re excited to share the love of Christ with elbow grease. That’s what it’s about, showing love to other people,” Butler said.

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