The Natural Way: CLA is the way

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

I was talking with my friend, Richard, at our farmerís market about his locally raised and grass-fed livestock,mostly beef. Feeding the cows high-quality, antibiotic-free feed while giving them ample opportunity to graze at will and, when available, providing plenty of grass produces a superior tasting and more healthful meat. Beyond the truth of your taste buds, science documents this.

Ever wonder why people in the know say grass-fed animals that produce food such as meat, milk, cheese and eggs are better for you? I mean, actually better for your health, not just that the flavor is better. What if I told you it is due to a type of fat and that this particular fat is only naturally found in grass-fed animals and some mushrooms? What would you say if I said this fat could reduce the spare tire around your middle, help protect women from breast cancer, men from prostate cancer and could reduce high estrogen levels? CLA branded as Tonalin (R) , also known as conjugated linoleic acid (vegetarian sourced), has a good deal of science stating exactly these benefits.

Sometimes, CLA is added to foods found in the grocery to improve the health benefits. But most people simply take a supplement in an easy-to-swallow soft gel daily to get what is thought to be the beneficial amount of 3,000 to 4,500mg each day. Of course, increasing the amount of grass-fed animal sources of meat, milk, cheese and eggs helps and is truly tasty and considered safe even for heart patients by many.

I know people who have taken the higher dose for about four months or more. Their waistline dropped while presumably protecting themselves from breast or prostate cancer (at least theoretically). CLA impacts the type of fat that accumulates in the waste line. Body weight as measured by the bathroom scale didnít drop much. However, the body mass index did drop. So, the evidence of a smaller waste line and lower BMI means the type of fat around the middle had been impacted.

I would expect that since there is a good deal of science showing the protective benefit of CLA for the breast that it would also benefit the prostate gland, as well. I wasnít surprised to find that to be true. However, much more science exists on breast benefit than prostate. The linkage is the hormone estrogen. Estrogens can fuel breast cancer and more recent science is connecting it to prostate cancer. Body fat produces estrogen in both women and men, so losing weight and reducing the body mass index can be of big help. I like CLA.