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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Thank you, pet rescue


Those of you who have not heard of the Unconditional Love Pet Rescue may be unaware of a fine animal rescue facility in the community which may be forced to close because of lack of funds. One of the partners has suffered an accident, is not able (for now) to do the critical work for which she was responsible.

Twice in last December puppies were dumped close to where I live out by Grandview. When I called the Good Shepherd Humane Society they told me

they were full to capacity but recommended that I call the ladies at Unconditional Love Pet Rescue, Diane and Laura. These ladies are incredibly hard workers for the animals they save and though they too were full, asked if my daughter and I could care for the pups until the weekend when they would have an opening.

Not two weeks later my neighbor had two puppies abandoned by his house. When he called the Good Shepherd HS he received the same answer I did. They were full but suggested he call Diane and Laura at Unconditional Love, which he did and now those pups have been adopted into good homes. I should mention that these ladies are quite careful to check out the people who adopt their animals!

We need these ladies in the community, the Good Shepherd HS needs them as a backup and certainly the poor lost and unwanted dogs need them!

Their website is diane@ulpr.org.  Please look them up to see what good work they are doing. Then think about making a contribution!

– Catherine Tillinghast

Take action

Most of America has known what Donald Trump is for well over a year now. We all now know that our President will not defend us against the enemies of our nation. He is firmly marching in lockstep with the groups who want to eliminate anyone who does not share their fascist ideology, including eliminating our democracy itself. We cannot rely on him at all. We must rely on each other. We must pressure the people that we can. We must thank those who have used their influence to speak for us. Write, call and fax your representatives. Send encouragement to the CEOs and the organizations who are standing against the darkness that is the Republican Right.

— Mark Eastburn

Responding to the Citizen

In last week’s edition of the Lovely County Citizen, my letter to the editor was garbled by a misprint making it unreadable. I called the paper and left a message on the machine that I assumed was humorous. I jokingly referred to “the great, right-wing conspiracy” that had ruined my letter.

This elicited a violent response. In a telephone call to me, I was loudly labeled a “rude and mean liar” in a most hostile voice. The anger was hysterical and full of hate. I could hardly get my breath. I tried to say the “right-wing conspiracy” comment was in jest since the Citizen has often published my letters and I know they do not always agree with me. I was not allowed to talk. The caller hung up on me.

I am proud of being an anti-racist and a protester against President Cheatolini, his followers, and Fascists in Arkansas and in our country. Many people think my letters to the editor, in both papers, are intelligent, informative and  “spot on.” I do not know about a specific “right-wing conspiracy” but I do know that the right-wing harbors violent white men who willingly carry out different kinds of violence. And, that includes verbal violence.

I am sorry if the Citizen has no sense of humor and does not see the irony about “great, right-wing conspiracy.” Now, print this letter, please.

— Trella Laughlin

Trump is to blame

On Aug. 12, peaceful anti-racists who were opposing the KKK glorification march in Charlotesville, VA, were attacked by a car-as-bomb. Twenty people were hurt and one person was killed.

President Cheatolini commented at his press conference: “…we condemn...violence ... on many sides, on many sides...It has been going on for a long time in our country... for a long, long time.” He never said the words: racists, KKK or white supremacists.

Charlottesville, who voted 80 percent for Hillary, planned to remove its statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee. The KKK, Neo-Nazis, and ‘Unite the Right’ budding Fascists decked themselves in white sheets and black uniforms with KKK badges carrying black flags, shouted “Blood and Soil.”

Some Southern cities are removing vestiges of slavery and the Confederacy such as statues glorifying Generals and Presidents who benefited from slavery and from slaughtering Native Americans. White supremacists see this as a slight against their historic way of life.

President Cheatolini talks about love -- while denying trans folk their human rights; while refusing to call out racists, white supremacists and anti-Semitic “alt-right” supporters; while creating a mean and hate-filled “Immigration Bill;” and, while playing with nuclear bombs and threatening another crazy man and the whole Pacific Rim with destruction!

One “tweeter” said Charlottesville would have happened anyway and we couldn’t blame him. Yes, we can blame an egotistical, money-grubbing, arrogant and incompetent man whose only admirers are Putin, white supremacists and willingly ignorant voters.

— Trella Laughlin