Letter to the Editor

Citizen Forum

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Love, not hate

We straight, white, privileged Americans must be willing to lay down our privilege and our lives for those who are not. They need our compassion and protection. Be ready and willing for them to use your home for a refuge. We cannot let the predators win. If you have any reason to suspect that anyone intends harm against anyone, report it. If you can, stop it. Love, not hate, makes America great.   

– Mark Eastburn

The spirit of giving

Dear Editor,

What a generous community we live in.  Our hearts are moved by all the creative efforts to help those suffering after Hurricane Harvey -from Echo’s truckload of critical items to the chamber’s collection for the Texas Diaper Bank and other efforts ongoing.

Having lived in Mississippi when Katrina hit, I know how many companion animals ended up starving, lost or homeless.  Local shelters are, even in the best of times, often overwhelmed by the number of animals needing rescue.   

For the next month, Good Shepherd Humane Society is collecting donations (cash only) at the two thrift stores to send to several Texas humane societies (vetted by Charity Navigator and Forbes).  If you have a spare dollar, do drop by.  Those folks in Texas will do their best to reunite pets with their families or shelter them until there is once again a house to come home to.  “No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.” (Aesop).


– Nan Johnson  

Eureka Springs

Support DACA

Be it resolved:  The Democratic Party of Carroll County, Arkansas, requests that Governor Hutchinson, Attorney General Leslie Rutledge, and all six Republican members of our Arkansas US Congressional delegation push for comprehensive immigration reform that includes protections for these 800,000 young people -- 10,000 of which live in Arkansas, and as many as 1,000 may live in Carroll County.

 Those that are directly affected by the Executive Action by Mr. Trump phasing out of DACA, the young who were brought to this country by their parents, sometimes even as infants, these Dreamers who are Americans in their hearts, in their minds, in every single way but one: on paper.  They may not know a country besides the United States.  They may not even know a language besides English.  They often have no idea they’re undocumented until they apply for a job, or college, or a driver’s license.

 We stand with the statements by President Obama and the Democratic Party of Arkansas concerning the un-necessary action taken by Mr. Trump but encourage legislative action to provide a pathway to citizenship for those under the DACA program and a legalization pathway for the over 11 million undocumented people currently in these United States.

– Doug Hausler, Secretary

Democratic Party of Carroll County