The Natural Way: Useful oil

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Coconut oil is absolutely amazing. People from the tropics knew very well the many benefits of rubbing this on the skin and hair as well as cooking with it or eating it by the spoonful. Most people donít know that it is the source for a very strong, yet safe, for even babies, anti-microbial called Monolaurin.

Monolaurin, when taken in high amount, will stop viral infections like cold sores before they start, help heal existing ones faster, stop colds or flu in their tracks or shorten length. Virus infection replicates so fast you have to take high doses to get on top of the curve. When you do, the virus stops rapidly, if taken soon enough. It deactivates the bacteria, h-Pylori, infection in the stomach, rapidly, which is often the cause of ulcers. Iíve seen it happen.

Coconut oil is a medium-length chain fat.† There are basically three sizes of the chain in fats, namely short, medium and long.† The medium chain is digested in such a way that the energy burst from the calories is prolonged but not stored on the body as love handles.

You can see the possibility that if you ate some of this fat (it has a pleasant flavor) before exercising then your regimen might just be more vigorous, therefore burning more calories. Coconut oil does not increase cholesterol levels, just energy.†It can be eaten by folks with dementia to improve cognitive function as it acts as an alternate fuel source for brain cells. Other claims for the oil, such as boosting low thyroid function, may be true, but there is not enough science supporting the claim for me to be comfortable.

You can find the oil sold as virgin or refined.† The virgin, as you might expect, is three to four times more expensive than the refined but has no increased benefit as it still is the same medium chain fat, rich in lauric acid.† I cook with the oil and I keep a bottle of Monolaurin at home to catch those infections early. You never know when a cold sore, a cold or flu will start up. It is safe and useful for dogs and cats, too.