HDC approves work at 169 Spring

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Eureka Springs Historic District Commission has given Rod Slane the go-ahead to finish work at 169 Spring St.

On Wednesday, Oct. 4, the commission heard from Slane about the construction needed at his home. Slane asked the commission to allow him to relocate the stairway from the north side to south side, replace lower-level siding and windows, add a new stairway on the south side and remove the lattice, replace the railing wrapping around to the north side and remove the lattice and add new front fencing and new paint colors.

“These were all things we really didn’t anticipate having to do until … the one side of the original stairway, which was broken back in June or July … a tree fell right there, and it broke,” Slane said. “We repaired it, then we had someone trip and fall on it, so we had to decide to start something, so we removed it.”

After removing it, Slane said, he found the side of the home was rotting.

“Because it was right against the house, the removal revealed a whole bunch of … dry rot damage,” Slane said. “Having the stairwell the way it was built up against it allowed water to just come in there for years and years and years.”

He didn’t intend to do this much work on the home, Slane said, but it’s necessary. The commissioners asked him to make several changes to his proposal, removing the stairway from the north side instead of relocating it and replacing the stairway on the south side. The spindles should be wood instead of metal, the commissioners agreed, and the wood siding should go up to the bottom of the windows with wood siding to match.

With those changes, the commission voted to approve the work. The commission approved several other new business items, including replacing the side door at 157 North Main, adding free-standing rear ground-level decks at 2 Howell, adding a new rear deck and storage shed at 2 Prospect, adding new storm windows at 4 Prospect and replacing and expanding the rear deck at 10 Alamo.

The commission moved on to approve the consent agenda, which includes Level I applications the city preservation officer believes to be in accordance with the design guidelines. These approvals are replacing the porch spindles and flooring with the original style at 21 Singleton, new trim color at 61 North Main, a foundation wall for the Mexican bus at 173 South Main and a new sign at 63 North Main.

In other business, the commission gave its OK for administrative approvals, which are applications for repair and work involving no changes in materials or color. These approvals are replacing a quarter-round on the porch at 249 Spring, repainting and repairing the siding at 29 Linwood, general repair and maintenance at 110 Spring, repairing porches and repainting at 51 Mountain and re-roofing at 4 Singleton.

The commission’s next regular meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 18, at the Auditorium.

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