The Natural Way: Do the Moringa

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Do you do the Moringa?

Even though this exotic

word sounds like a dance, it

is really an amazing plant. Moringa

oleifera does come to us mostly

from the far east with the Pacific islands

and the Philippines the most common source.

So, Moringa is pretty exotic. The leaf is also very

good for you. In fact, it is considered to be a super


When I checked and searched for Moringa,

I found more than 30 topics with more than 20 pages

each with 20 topics per page. So, if someone tells you

it hasnít been studied for a boatload of different benefits,

tell them politely to bug off ó or not politely for that

matter. For sure, Moringa is a super food easily taking

the place of a broad spectrum multivitamin. But the list of

benefits is very long, at least the possible benefits, which

could include diabetes, infection, anemia, poor digestion

... well the list seems endless.

Now, Iím writing only about the leaves of this plant

as the root could be harmful if eaten. The root is used

by healers in the far east and the Philippines but these

are skilled and wizened women (mostly) who are well

trained. The best way for us here in the states to gain benefit

from Moringa is to add the powdered leaves to our

smoothies or sprinkle into soup or on salads. Of course,

the whole leaves can be broken by hand and added to

fresh salad as well. It is delicious to eat this way.

We are lucky to have a local organic farmer here in

Eureka Springs that grows and harvests Moringa. She is

a much loved steadfast at our farmerís market. She can

even tell you recipes for preparing this exotic, tasty and

good-for-you plant miracle. In fact, the last time I talked

with Celia from Piney Creek Garden, we compared notes

on cooking and recipes. I was starved when we finished

chatting so of course I overbought fresh and organic local


Not such a bad outcome, was it?