Letter to the Editor

Citizen Forum

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Facts are facts

I am obligated to respond to Sharon

Drassenís recent opinion letter with regard

to fact. She says itís disturbing to her ďthat

many contributors to Citizen Forum write

such hateful, factually incorrect pieces,Ē but

then cites not one example. This is how

fake news comes about. One cannot accuse

others of being hateful and passing lies with

a general statement and expect others to

take it for a fact. Thereís an abundance of

that going on in rhetorical discourse today

and this is what deeply disturbs me. If Ms.

Drassen or anyone else for that matter accuses

other writers of falsehoods, then they

are obligated to specifically point out the lie

and prove it to be thus by researching reputable

sites (no, not Fox News), and then

show beyond a reasonable doubt that other

LCC opinion writers are stating falsehoods.

Until then, the falsehood remains with Ms.


- Julie Freeman

Thank you

Dear Editor,

Another Halloween night on the Upper

Historic Loop has been accomplished in

typical Eureka style. The residents from

Highway 62 to the Crescent Hotel knocked

themselves out again with decorations and

generosity, giving everyone memories to

keep long after the candy is gone. What I

personally love about this event is the reminder

that (other than the costumes) nothing

has changed since my childhood trickor-

treating. It still seems to be the most

authentically nostalgic tradition we have

for all ages. The creativity in costumes

each year is spectacular, and families are

engaged ó even if parents donít dress up,

they are still escorting and laughing with

their kids. Teens were respectfully fun and

many adults wandered about in costume

taking in the spectacle as well.

As a representative of the White Street

Candy Bank, I would like to report a tually-agreed head count of 1,100 kids this

year. The Candy Bank took in a whopping

300-plus pounds (street value of $750) of

candy from 45 donors, mixed and re-parceled

it into five-pound bags, and distributed

an average of 15 pounds to 22 homes

on the loop. It was apparent to the bank

staff that 1,000 pounds would have disappeared

just as quickly, so it is our hope

that even more donors will step up next

year, especially on the corporate level.

Special thanks to Mary Gentle for donating

300 hand-stuffed gift bags of toys and

art supplies for distribution.

So thank you again to everyone on both

sides of the candy for making Halloween

night on the Upper Loop one of the most

anticipated evenings of the year. Letís all

keep playing well together!

ó Mark Hughes

Stand together and vote

The patriots are not the ones who pledge

admiringly to the flag or wear them on

their lapel, but they are the ones who make

the nation that the flag represents something

to be worthy of admiration and to be

the aspiration of all people of all nations.

We are not there, nor are we even on that

path. We have taken a detour on which

those in power attempt to recreate the

world in their own image, whiter, greedier

and holier-than-thou. Those who have jobs

should shut up and be glad to have them.

Those who are getting government assistance

should shut up and get a job. If you

canít get a job, then just go away. Those

who have entered into contracts with the

government should not expect us to honor

them. Anyone or anything that has been

protected by our Democracy should prepare

to fend for themselves.

This will hopefully be a brief, however

disruptive course change that will require a

new captain and crew. This is a huge ship

and it does not respond quickly. The mutineers

have taken over for now but they will

be dealt with by our justice system. Our

job is to right the ship and steer a course

forward. We have control. We have always

had control. We can alter the course with

our will, our will to resist what is wrong

and our will to insist on what is right. We

can use our physical presence. We do not

have to be eloquent, but we do have to

speak. We have the power to overcome the

traitors and the foreign powers that they

represent. This is no time to be meek. The

meek shall inherit the earth because the

powerful will shove their faces in it. We

must register and we must vote.

ó Mark Eastburn