Community supports Good Shepherd at Bonejour Gala

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Carroll County residents certainly threw

Good Shepherd Humane Society a bone on

Tuesday night.

Good Shepherd welcomed the community

at the Bonejour Gala, an event that

took up the entire first floor of the Crescent

Hotel. The event featured a boutique,

live auction, hors d’oeuvres, desserts and a

chance to catch up with two of the shelter’s

dogs. Shelter manager Sandra Mittler said

she was happy to be at the event.

“It’s kind of hard to tell how many people

are here because the venue’s so large,”

Mittler said. “It’s looking good. We’re

really happy to be at the Crescent. We’re

having good times, and we’re supporting

the animals.”

Mittler said those attending the event

could donate to the emergency care fund,

which would benefit the animals who come

to the shelter needing above-standard care.

Mittler remembered when one dog came

to the shelter in need of a leg amputation,

saying people donated to help that animal.

“That created our emergency care fund,

because we had this money. We continued

with that,” Mittler said. “It helps with animals

that come into the shelter that maybe

have a little bit more medical care required

for them. Anyone who gives to the emergency

care fund enables us to take care of

that animal immediately.”

Ernie and Joanna Sheick said Good

Shepherd is the nonprofit they donate to

most. They make jewelry, Joanna Sheick

said, and donate it to the shelter’s thrift

stores. The thrift stores generate most of

the revenue for Good Shepherd.

“We figure it’s a good outfit to donate

to, and there’s a lot of good people there,”

Ernie Sheick said. “They’re doing it for the


His wife agreed.

“They’re our main charity,” Joanna Sheick

said. “We love the pups.”

Debbie Clarke, who owns a clothing

store, said she donates to the thrift stores to

help out the shelter.

“I just like to see it prosper,” Clarke said.

“Mostly I give to the dog store, but it’s always

been a great place to shop. You find

unique things, sometimes vintage clothing.”

Cat tech Kathryn Johnson spent most

of the night with Felicia, a large dog who

came into the shelter with a tumor on her

foot three months ago.

“They took that off, and about three

weeks later, they came back and it got bigger,”

Johnson said. “She had to get her leg

amputated. It’s healing now, and she’s doing

great on it.”

Seeing so many people come out to support

Good Shepherd, Johnson said, made

her realize how close-knit the community


“It’s great. I’m from a big city, so I never

see this kind of support,” she said. “Really,

it’s amazing to be around and to be a part


Assistant shelter manager Kathy Cobb

said she was excited to see everyone at the

gala. Moving the event to the Crescent Hotel,

Cobb said, inspired everyone at Good

Shepherd to step up.

“It’s brought out a lot of creativity in our

employees and staff,” Cobb said. “It’s a

grand affair, and I hope it continues.”

Jay Fusaro, president of Good Shepherd,

thanked everyone who made the event possible.

That includes those who took out ads

in the October edition of Lovely County

Visitor, those who donated items to the silent

auction and those who donate time and

money to the shelter year-round, he said.

“This is a very important fundraiser for

us, and we’re just so thrilled for all the support

we’ve received so far,” Fusaro said.

“We greatly appreciate all the support from

the community, because without donations

and volunteers, we wouldn’t be able to

have Good Shepherd be the largest no-kill

shelter in Carroll County.”

All the money raised at the event goes

directly to Good Shepherd. This is comforting

for those who work at the shelter,

Cobb said, and interact with the animals

every day.

“It costs money to keep them housed.

You know that by your own animals, and

we have to have employees to take care of

them,” Cobb said. “They can’t go without

heat or air conditioning or food or water.

That’s what we do. We take care of the babies.”

Cobb described how important it is for

the community to support Good Shepherd,

saying it raises morale at the shelter for the

animals and employees.

“It shows us we’re not alone in the

world, and it’s awesome,” she said.

For more information on Good Shepherd

Humane Society, visit https://www.

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