The Natural Way: Bet on it

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Most of you who I have had the

great pleasure to get to know understand

my background as being solidly

planted in Western Medicine and in

medical research. Im also a teacher,

as when understandings occur from

research it is only important if you can get the message


Those of you who know me also gather I have undergone

great and broad change in how I see health/illness

and in how to regain it.

Recently, I tracked down a great man who I had the

distinct honor of working with in my past, making that

part come alive again.

Though this internationally respected scientist and

professor emeritus (UCLA) has since moved to Chile,

his most recent work in the U.S. has walked beside my

path, unknowingly.

I met Dr. Ismael Mena, MD, in 1979. Within a few

months I had traveled cross-country, uprooting my home

just so I would become his technical chief of nuclear

medicine at Harbor/UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles.

I stayed as division chief for 10 years as part of

a medical research team, studying most every system of

the human being.

The group of us published collectively hundreds of abstracts

and research papers during that time. What has intrigued

me just now is that Dr. Mena is a lead researcher

on the effects of chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia,

attention deficit disorder with and without hyperactivity

and autism.

While I was working with him, we had begun work

using an amazing scanning device that gave us the ability

to measure the amount of blood going to an organ and

then measure how well that organ functioned. We found

the amount of blood going to the brain in HIV-positive

patients to be reduced as the illness progressed. Dr. Mena

found the same to be true of patients with chronic fatigue

syndrome (CFS)!

This is a direct quote: All adult patients with CFS

have abnormal diminution of blood flow to different areas

of the brain, mostly the frontal lobes. Curiously, this

was found to be similar in attention deficit disorder, fibromyalgia

and autism.

These findings profoundly change how one sees these

ailments. If it were me, Id be using some of the following

products daily: Pycnogenol, Monolaurin, GSE tablets,

NAC 600, P Serine, probiotics and 5HTP for about

3-6 months. Id bet on an improvement!