Letter to the Editor

Citizen Forum

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Thank you, Eureka

Once again the people of the Eureka

area have shown their generosity, and the

shelves of our local food bank, the Flint

Street Fellowship are filled.

Local Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts hit

the streets, went door to door, house to

house, driveway to driveway, and brought

in the food bank bags and bags and bags

of food! More than just food was brought

in! The love and compassion of our town,

shown by their generosity, went through

the front door of the food bank. Something

else went through those front doors;

those scouts brought to the food bank their

excitement, energy and their willingness

to do something good for our town. All

that excitement and energy is contagious,

don’t you know!

This year we also had additional help

from the Rotary and let’s not forget the

volunteers that man our local food bank.

They are there day after day, serving the

needy of our community, usually without

much fanfare. Imagine the effect on

them, what a shot in the arm, to be invaded

by swarms of happy and excited little

scouts hauling in carloads of food from a

community that cares!

See what one bag from your front porch

can do? You have helped the needy of our

town, you have given the volunteers at

the food bank the help in their task, and

though your generosity, you have given

a large group of our young people that

precious lesson about community service.

Thank you for showing that you care. If

you did get missed or forgot to put out

your bag, it’s not too late! There are drop

off boxes at both Hart’s and SunFest!

See what one bag on the front porch

can do?


Fake news

Dear Editor,

Fake news is an inaccurate, sometimes

sensationalistic report that is created to

gain attention, mislead, deceive, or damage

a reputation.

Julie Freeman responded to my recent

opinion letter stating “this is how fake

news comes about”. Apparently when I

said contributors write “hateful, factually

incorrect pieces” she thinks I’m creating

fake news because I simply didn’t cite examples.

So here we go:

1. There is a mountain of evidence that

the administration enlisted Russia in undermining

our elections and at every opportunity

they have lied about it.

2. (Trump Supporters) wanted revenge

on those who had the nerve to elect a

black president twice and if our democracy

burns down, so what. We certainly

have been reeling from the incredible incompetence,

lies and mental illness in the

White House.

3. We all know that our president will

not defend us against the enemies of our


4. There was no voter fraud by the

Democrats but plenty of evidence that the

Republicans and this dishonest “President”

bought and stole our election.

5. Our president was unlawfully elected.

6. Putin bought our election and the

Republicans sold it to him.

7. The Constitution is a document

scorned by Cheatolini. Cheatolini, his

family and administration have elevated

greed to a scam.

Need I go on?

I certainly don’t think these examples

rise to the level of fake news, but I do

think they are hateful and factually incorrect.

As to Ms. Freeman’s accusation

that I don’t research reputable sites and

rely solely on Fox News, that is quite a

leap. These examples came straight fromthe pages of both Eureka Springs publications.

Furthermore, I would never suggest

that she formed her opinions based on one

source. So why does she attempt to marginalize

me in that way?

Here’s the bottom line: In my letter, I

closed with “We could debate so many

issues but to what end? Until we all take

responsibility for our own words, how can

we hope to find any common ground?”

I stand by my words.


Flawed process

TO: The Editor, The Mayor, City Council,

The Main Street Network, fellow merchants

and all Eureka residents.

The most disturbing aspect of the proposed

plan to close Spring Street for a street

fair on Dec. 9, is the lack of respect shown

to many of us Spring Street merchants who

have a vested interest in what happens

here. It has been a clandestine affair.

On Sept. 1, Mayor Butch Berry signed a

permit allowing The Main Street Network

to close Spring Street for this outdoor event.

Most of us Spring Street merchants learned

about it well into November, a few weeks

before the scheduled event. Our store has

been open every day this year. We are easy

to contact. We received no information, nor

was our opinion solicited by anyone. One

of our neighbors was told the community

was surveyed and when he asked who was

surveyed he was told it was “none of his

business.” Really! And people wonder why

we would be upset. We have a bad attitude.

I think they do. Even our City Council was

not asked to respond to this proposal until

mid-November. They did not give their

approval. This is between the mayor and

the Main Street Network. It appears an

elite few made this decision. Something

is wrong with the communication system

in this community which should involve a

democratic process of inclusiveness; one

where we are all given written information

in a timely manner, and allowed to respond

in a written survey. That is the best way to

gather information, and show the results. It

is my hope there will be a re-evaluation of

the way a major event is presented to the

merchants and citizens of Eureka Springs

and that we are all given the opportunity

to be involved in the process early on, to

avoid this kind of situation in the future.