Letter to the Editor

Citizen Forum

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

What if?

Imagine how many more booths and

how festive the Christmas Night Market

would have been if local merchants, artisans,

craftspeople and entertainers would

have been invited to participate and volunteer

beforehand instead of being shut

out of the process.


Thankful for Eurekans

We are so grateful for Pat Costner, Faith

and Michael Shah and all those who testified

before the Arkansas Public Service

Commission in support of clean energy by

advocating the continuation of net metering

for customers with solar panels who

are part of the grid.

Here is the comment we sent to the

Public Service Commission.

Please keep the net metering rate as it


Solar power generated at homes and

small businesses and exported to the grid

has the same value as the retail rate each

utility charges its customers. Otherwise,

growth of residential solar power in Arkansas

will be severely hampered and we

will continue our dependence on fossil

fuels. Those using solar will not find it

cost-effective over the lifetime warranty

of materials.

Solar energy in Arkansas has great

value – it reduces utility companies’ expenditures

for new generation facilities,

transmission and distribution lines and

pollution control (e.g. less herbicides used

to maintain rights of way).

Don’t you want to encourage renewable

energy in the Natural State?

Those who support the proposed

“two-channel billing” change include

Carroll Electric and the Arkansas Attorney

General’s office, which describes customers

with solar panels as a “burden” to

other ratepayers. What an insult.

We applaud our neighbors who have

gone solar! But with the two-channel billing

scheme, these folks will actually end

up paying more than the rest of us, even

though they are doing a lot to protect the

environment for all of us!

It’s not too late to put in a public comment

with the APSC. Go to www.arkansas.

gov/psc and click on the public comment

link; then scroll down to APSC #16-




Call your reps

There is a long history of nations turning

their fate over to the few. Mostly this has

happened out of desperation due to famine,

economic or natural disasters or governmental

oppression. Here and now there are

millions of Americans (including our own

members of Congress) who are eager to

hand our fate, willingly, over to those who

want a Putin-style oligarchy, out of nothing

more than convenience.

Oligarchy:“a form of government

in which all power is vested

in a few persons or in a dominant

class or clique.” It is inconvenient to

govern ourselves. It requires work, unbillable


It requires hours that we feel we can’t

spare, listening, reading and hardest of all,

thinking and reflecting on our own experiences

and putting ourselves in other’s


It’s so much easier to leave matters of

right and wrong up to the preacher or the

powerful, for they must know, they say

they know. I know I don’t know but I know

that they don’t know either. As Republican

legislators stampede to be included in the

chosen, we can watch or we can govern


Hundreds of patriots have been arrested

in the halls of Congress for nothing more

than wanting to be heard by our representatives.

More are going every day on our

behalf. The least we can do is to call, fax,

email or write to Congress on our own behalf.