The Natural Way: Beat the flu

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Heads up folks! If you thought

you were well-protected by getting

this year’s version of the flu vaccine,

then think again and read the

warning from the powers that are

in charge.

From MedScape, “Infectious disease experts from

the US National Institutes of Health and the World

Health Organization (WHO) warn that current approaches

to seasonal influenza vaccine development

have left the United States relatively defenseless

against the influenza A (H3N2) strain now making

its way over from the Southern hemisphere.” This

was from Dec. 8, 2017... that’s right, last week!

The current vaccine is estimated to be about 10

percent effective against this strain. This could be

(but who knows for sure) a very difficult winter for

flu. There are many useful things you can do but be

sure hand washing is one of them. You could also

use antiviral wipes on door knobs, phones, shopping

carts, public bathroom door pulls and anything many

people come into contact with. Don’t put your fingers

near your nose or eyes, either. Soap and water

are your good friends.

This failure to predict accurately what Mother Nature

will do could be a disaster; however, beyond

the common sense suggestion of the above as well

as eating properly, getting enough sleep and reducing

stress there are natural supplements to rely upon.

Here is my list: The most important Monolaurin in

high dose at first suspicion of onset, a mushroom

based (or herbal) immune booster starting now and

optimized vitamin D daily (you should have started

weeks ago but if not start now). Other naturals you

could use are fat based vitamin C, Elder tea, syrup

or capsules and peppermint oils (be careful) or tea.

Make and drink large amounts of the tea. There are

other choices for sure but these are known to me to

be very anti-flu. Ask your natural health practitioner

how and how much of the above to use. I know of

no major problem with these suggestions and prescribed

drugs. You may benefit from other products

to reduce symptoms if you are late starting and the

bug has the jump on you.

Ten percent benefit from the flu vaccine? Wow

... nearly worthless except perhaps for the highest at

risk people, just my opinion. Flu is already reported

throughout the South but usually hits peak in January/

February. We’ll see.