The Natural Way: Locals supporting locals

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Think globally, act locally. We’ve all heard this slogan a million

times and intuitively understand the wisdom but struggle

with how to implement it in a way which has meaning. Certainly,

with the immense events of the last year we all have had

a lesson on the broad interconnections of a global community.

Acting globally can be easier than acting locally as the places and people are far


Whereas, acting locally means by definition doing something which affects

your family, friends and community. People close to us have more emotional

impact on us — they mean more to us. Living in balance includes this recognition;

the health of your community affects not only your global connections but

importantly you and your family.

Our town struggles with a local Ozark economy — we all know what this

means and just how difficult it is. It only takes one thing to occur to change the

promise of good times to the reality of struggling through. Which most of us

courageously and steadfastly do — some exhaust themselves and transition on.

For you and your family I give you five of my favorite supplements.

MSM in an organic sulfur which is found in all living tissue both plant and

animal. It is a very fast acting anti inflammatory taking pain away within minutes

of swallowing or rubbing onto a body via crème. I know of no downside using up

to 6,000mg/day in almost all people.

It also helps improve skin (collagen), hair and nails as well as improve cartilage

while reducing allergies. I take 1,000mg each morning as new research

shows a linkage to not having enough MSM in the diet to coronary artery disease.

I take 3,000mg at bedtime if I need to be able to sleep the night without low back


Probiotics at low dose, 1 capsule each day, keeps digestion in line as well as

supporting immune system health. I’ve read scientific literature linking inadequate

probiotics to plaque buildup in all arteries due to certain proteins not being

digested. Right at the end of prescribed antibiotic therapy a course of increase

probiotics is called for, otherwise trouble can follow. Yogurt isn’t strong enough

and not all supplements are equal.

Magnesium is required for a huge list of body processes yet we don’t get

enough in our diet. Making this worse is that prescribed drugs like heart medicines

decrease absorption of this very needed mineral. I like the chelated type

and take two tablets daily.

AdvaCal calcium is the only calcium I recommend. This is extremely safe as it

is so highly absorbed … much higher than any other type or brand. Osteopenia,

osteoporosis, bone health and even if you’re taking acid blockers like Pepcid

indicate the need for this supplement.

D-Mannose is remarkable and useful when you have an acute or even chronic

urinary tract/bladder infection. Fast, to the point and easy to use describes this

simple gift of nature. Change in life is often difficult but seeing is believing. Try

these and see!

I ask you all to recognize the importance of Eureka Springs to your lives. Look

out for each other, adopt a concerned attitude — do what you can do for your

community, your family, your friends, yourself. Act locally, think globally and

have the best new year.