The Natural Way: Kick your cold

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

What can be done naturally for a

cold with congestion when youíre

winter bound and unable to get to your

herbal store? Here are three different

old granny remedies you can make at

home that have much value.

First: finely dice or food process a large, strong yellow

onion and place in a small narrow bowl or teacup.

Sprinkle regular sugar on top and press down firmly. In

a few hours press a tablespoon open side up on top of

the mash collecting the juice. Use as a decongestant and

cough syrup. Some people add fresh garlic and/or fresh


Second: Honey, lemon and a shot of brandy or whiskey

(some add ginger). This like a natural Nyquil (R).

Remember in this remedy the alcohol is a medicine.

Third: Piping hot homemade chicken soup. Beyond

the love factor, it really does help. During the last winter

storm I asked people online what favorite or family

remedy do you make and use? The responses were really

interesting, useful and some funny. Piping hot Jewish

penicillin A.K.A. chicken soup was popular along with

other hunger-prompting foods. Two that I thought were

particularly delectable said homemade lentil soup with

lots of garlic and then blackened chicken with lots of

black and cayenne pepper. We have some spicy people

in Eureka, apparently.

Drinks mentioned were warming and soothing if not

downright top shelf. The one that was alcohol-free was

ginger tea made with real ginger root, lemon and local

honey. This is to be sipped piping hot. Several suggestions

included top-shelf liquor such as Makerís Mark

bourbon with honey (I guess if youíre sick you may as

well go topnotch). One of the funny comments was that

if you were out of brandy or bourbon just swap over to

tequila ... at a certain point you wonít care.

On a more sensual side, the hot bath with epsom salt

with a few drops of tea tree oil added sounded great. Of

course, you must add glycerine for the skin and then soak

your ailment away. I liked this suggestion and wondered

if one of the hot toddies sipped while soaking would be

too much ... no, too much isnít possible.

Finally, to improve breathing a touch of peppermint

oil under each nostril (BAM) and Momís cure of Vicks

(R) rounded out the family remedies. I just love our Eureka

family: what a great way to while away winterbound