The Natural Way: Bacon’s not so bad

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Do you like bacon? Heads up,

people, because MedScape

has published the outcome

of a study involving almost

90.000 people showing that there is no

basis for restricting dietary fat to reduce

clogged arteries or what they call Coronary Heart Disease


This must be an end-of-the-year catharsis for the medical

system as just a few weeks ago they reported a major failure

of this year’s flu vaccine to protect an estimated 1 out of 10

people causing people to be “relatively defenseless,” their

words. Seems Mother Nature slipped in an unexpected

strain that this year’s vaccine didn’t cover (natural products

can help). In all fairness, the group reporting on dietary fat

has been saying for a long time that Coronary Heart Disease

was not caused by dietary fat. This new report just clinches

the conclusion. By the way, years ago I wrote about the

older results that said the same thing in the Citizen and in


What do you do with this information? If I took a prescribed

statin drug I’d certainly have a talk with my doctor.

There are major long-term health issues connected to

the use of statins with increased risk of diabetes just one of

them. Of course, diabetes is a major risk factor for CHD.

There may be a benefit in taking a statin such as reducing

inflammation that is associated with CHD. We all know

people who have had very high cholesterol and no CHD as

well as the opposite — namely low cholesterol and CHD.

So something more is going on and apparently it is not dietary


In the research literature, I recall reading, that two influential

medical researchers 30-35 years ago were “convinced”

to change their focus from sugar to fat. They were

looking for the cause of clogged arteries and sugar was the

first on the list. Sugar is known to increase inflammation

that we now know is connected to CHD. Increased sugar

intake is clearly connected to diabetes as well. Somehow,

their study focus did change and we have been on a goose

chase since, apparently.

I suggest reducing red meat consumption for ecologic

reasons, increasing veggies (Farmer’s Market!), reducing

weight, staying active and getting a good night’s sleep (lack

of enough sleep is a know risk factor for CHD). I’d reduce

sugar intake by using a diet that is low-glycemic like South

Beach or Mediterranean. Natural supplements like Red

Yeast Rice and policosanol can help with cholesterol while

fish oil, calamari oil and serrapeptase can reduce inflammation

in your body. Talk to your natural health practitioner

and by all means don’t worry so much about dietary fat.