#5 News Story:Election commissioner removed from office after October arrest

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

A Carroll County election commissioner was removed

from his position after an arrest and commitment

for treatment of a mental health issue.

Ken Sculley, 65, of Eureka Springs was sworn in

on Oct. 18 to replace Eugene Walden, also of Eureka

Springs, as the Democratic representative on the


Walden, 44, was arrested on Oct. 3 after an incident

in which he allegedly made a false report of a car accident,

then engaged in a car chase and a physical altercation with

a Carroll County Sheriff’s Office deputy. Walden allegedly

threw feces at the deputy’s face during the incident.

On Oct. 6, Carroll County Circuit Judge Scott Jackson ordered

that Walden be taken into custody and delivered to a

mental health facility for screening and admission. A hearing

on the commitment order was scheduled for Oct. 11, but

Walden waived the hearing and did not contest the judge’s


The petition seeking Walden’s commitment,

which was filed by the Carroll County prosecuting

attorney’s office on behalf of an unidentified

party, said Walden suffers from bipolar disorder.

Walden has a pending felony charge in an unrelated

incident. He was arrested in April and is

charged with second-degree forgery. Court filings

show that Walden is alleged to have signed

a legal document without authorization, but no

further details were available. A pretrial hearing

in that case is scheduled for 9 a.m. Monday, Feb. 12, at

the Carroll County Western District Courthouse in Eureka


The Carroll County Democratic Party appointed Sculley to

replace Walden on the county election commission.

“The Carroll County Democratic Party just had to make a

decision about what was best for the county and what was best

for Mr. Walden,” said county party chairman Charles Templeton

of Eureka Springs. “It was the

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