Looking Back

Wednesday, January 10, 2018
The Commercial Bank; J.O.Melone's Wholesale Grocery, 129 S. Main Street. Times-Echo, 1905. Cross collection. BES 11-060-05

Entering town on 23 North, it is the first road that greets you. This street is known to

many as Main Street, but in early days it was called Mud Street.The name was given to

the street because of the muddy conditions created by the runoff of both mountains and

overflow from the bordering creek. When the water was high, these conditions created

rough terrain. Within six months of the first settlement, the population of Eureka Springs

exploded to a reported 3,000 residents. By 1886, there were 5,000 people living here,

more than double the current population. The town had boomed virtually overnight.

Today, almost all of the original buildings still stand, but their function has changed

dramatically. These great pieces of architecture are now occupied by fine eateries, hotels

and specialty shops. There lies a big piece of history on this beautiful, bumpy road

a history that is deservedly restored and preserved by people who had and currently

have a vision.

Stephanie Stodden, Museum Operations Manager

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