Letter to the Editor

Citizen Forum

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Credit where it’s due

Our Republican representatives

would like to be given credit for their accomplishments.

They have given us insecurities

about our health care, demonized

immigrants, given trillions to their

big donors, ignored lying to Congress,

defended sexual misconduct, obstructed

justice and left our election process unprotected.

So we’ll give you credit for

that. However, you also get credit for

the shootings that take place daily because

you do nothing to stop them. You

make assault weapons easier to obtain

and refuse to do anything to address the

mental illness that you blame for these

actions, that is of course unless it’s an

immigrant doing the shooting, then you

blame immigration. You fellas get credit

for this too. From Columbine to today,

it’s on you.


Get it together

The snowflake “collusionistias” have

been exposed to having sold a phony bill

of goods to the American people and to

our law enforcement agencies especially

the FBI who was so distracted by

chasing non-exsistent leads to prove the

Trump campaign was in cahoots with

the Russians that they missed a sick boy

shouting out “Please stop me before I

go to my school and shoot everyone.”

The Dems and Clintons actually paid

the Russians to perpetuate this myth,

and now it comes to light that they have

been trolled! A lead investigator made

this statement yesterday when the Russian

indictments were made, “There is

no allegation in this indictment that any

American was a knowing participant

in this illegal activity,” Rosenstein told

reporters. “There is no allegation in the

indictment that the charged conduct

altered the outcome of the 2016 election.”

The hate from the left is severely

damaging all Americans and distracting

from the progress which is still being

made in spite of the “resistance.” The

hate must stop. We must work together

for the good of all.


Know your history

Do you know the history of Eureka

Springs the town you live in or do you

not care about history and only want

something from this place as it is today?

Well, I for one am interested in the

history in part due to a quote, “Those

that do not learn from history are

doomed to repeat it.” Did you know that

one of the names this town was looking

at during its founding was “The City of

Churches?” Today we as Eurekans owe

it to our visitors to make it a point to

learn all you can on our history, since

we are and continue to be a major part

of NWA tourism. Visitors or guests as I

refer to them are that mainstay of our local

economy. There are some that would

and do want to chase them away. These

individuals truly believe that their causes

no matter how destructive is the direction

this town should take regardless

of the effect on tourism. The changes

are being seen today by the reduction of

tourists coming to Eureka Springs and

we as Eurekans must look at why and

get us back on track. The CAPC tells

us we are booming but they are using

web site hits as an indication to success

but if you look at the real numbers attending

our parades you will see a large

reduction in spectators. I been walking

and paying attention to this for over six

years and the trend is not increasing as

the CAPC would lead you to believe. In

fact the basic walking tourist numbers

that I have been seeing have been on

a downslide and unfortunately I don’t

see any growth. The only growth I have

seen is with non-US tourism. I am seeing

a large number of groups from China,

India, Mexico and Puerto Rico. We

need to get back on track if this town is

to survive another 100 years. I ask all of

you to visit the Museum and learn about

out wonderful culture rich town we call

Eureka Springs.