Eureka Springs students to perform in We’ve Got Talent on Sunday

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The Eureka Springs High School

Choir is tuning up for the Carroll County

Music Group’s 7th Annual We’ve Got

Talent Concert on Sunday, March 4, at

the Eureka Springs City Auditorium.

The concert will feature a variety of

acts from Carroll County, including the

Berryville Intermediate Bobcat Honor

Choir, the Harris Ridge Family Band,

Ellen Stephenson, the Berryville High

School Band, Jenni Hatch, the Holiday

Island Singers, Elite Dance Studio,

Nick Rorick and, of course, the Eureka

Springs High School Choir.

The choir will be performing a medley

of songs from The Jackson 5. Senior

Ashlyn Lockhart said the medley

features the songs “I Want You Back”

and “ABC,” with a little choreography

thrown in. The choreography is a new

thing for the choir, junior Makenzie

Meyer said.

“We don’t normally do a lot of choreography.

The most we do is lean and

snap,” Meyer said.

The choir has expanded over the past

few years, Lockhart said, which presents

new challenges for performances

like this.

“The learning style is definitely different

with a larger class,” Lockhart

said. “This is new for a lot of them, so

I’m really excited.”

Junior Nathan Skaarup and sophomore

Esmerelda Rebolledo are two

of those new choir members. Skaarup

said he’s looking forward to the performance,

saying he’s a huge Michael

Jackson fan.

“When I heard we were doing this, I

was extremely excited,” Skaarup said.

“It’s kind of a blast from the past.”

Choir director Rick Mann, who is organizing

the concert with wife Donesa

Mann, said the class chose the songs to

change things up a bit.

“They were just standing singing, and

they wanted to move,” he said. “That’s

why we’re doing it.”

The concert helps raise money for

young musicians in Carroll County. In

the past, it provided scholarships to music

camps for area youth. Its purpose has

broadened out this year, Mann said, to

support music programs throughout the

county. Mann said schools can apply for

the money to improve their programs.

He’d like to bring in a voice coach for

female singers, Mann said.

“It would be $300 or $400 for one

student for camp, which is still valuable,

but we could use that money for

all the students,” Mann said.

Lockhart said she benefited from music

camp scholarships in the past, saying

the experience showed her what she

can do musically. She plans to study

musical theater when she starts college,

Lockhart said.

“It’s really helpful, because you don’t

learn everything in a classroom setting,”

Lockhart said. “Music camps helped me

realize this is what I want to do.”

The best thing about the show, Lockhart

said, is the variety on stage.

“It’s really nice to feature local artists.

It’s people of all ages showcasing their

talent,” Lockhart said. “It really unites

us. You can be 70 and still do what you

love. I think that’s really cool.”

Meyer agreed.

“It shows no matter where you come

from, everyone can have their shining

moment,” Meyer said.

Skaarup said his reason for performing

is personal.

“I’m doing this for my cousin that recently

passed,” Skaarup said. “I know

he’s watching me from above, and for

me to do this … I think he would be really


The show will be entertaining, Mann

said, and he hopes to see a packed house.

“You’ll be exposed to a variety of

music styles and different instruments,

voices … just the whole gamut of music,”

Mann said. “It’s fun seeing all they

different groups from around Eureka.”

The event begins at 2:30 p.m. with a

pre-show, followed by the concert at 3

p.m. Tickets are available the day of the

concert and cost $10 for adults and $5

for students.

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