The Natural Way: A reason to smile

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Hereís mud in your eye. Well, not exactly mud in your eye but in your mouth. You see, there is a new product line on the market using bentonite clay and activated charcoal to clean, polish and whiten your teeth. So, more specifically the mud is not intended for your mouth but to be used as a replacement for toothpaste.

†The holistic blend that I know about is formulated with a combination of activated coconut shell charcoal, calcium bentonite clay, organic orange peel extract and organic mint extract. The original tooth powder comes in a small container boasting 150 uses costing about nine cents per use. This is an affordable way to clean and polish your teeth while freshening your breath and caring for you gums.

†To use the powder simply moisten your toothbrush and touch lightly to the powder. If you do this in the shower then all you have to remember is to not over brush either too hard or too long and then rinse your mouth with the running water. The powder does have the charcoal color so rinsing very well is very good. Remember this is a polishing agent, so donít overdo.

While the powder is the best buy and very frugal to use, the product is also available in conventional paste tubes. The company currently offers two flavors, namely spearmint and peppermint. To make the paste more ingredients are needed but care is taken to keep them in line with natural choices and essential oils. Looking over the ingredient list I see coconut oil, diatomaceous earth, a long list of organic essential oils as well as xanthin gum (to make a paste) and grapefruit seed extract as the natural preservative.

Needless to say the pastes and the powder are fluoride free, SLS, gluten free, non-GMO, vegan and have no glycerin. This is a well-made product and product line.

You may wish to run this past your dentist as it is so new on the market. Because of that, he or she may not know much about it, though. To me, using a dental irrigator with five or six drops of grapefruit seed extract to cleanse the gum lines and between the teeth, then brushing with this innovative paste or powder would be a good way to clean and polish teeth. All the while taking good care of your gums and mouth. Time to smile.