Fire department agrees to store hospital commission files

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The Eureka Springs Hospital Commission has found a new home for its files.

On Monday afternoon, treasurer Barbara Dicks said the Eureka Springs Fire Department has agreed to keep a filing cabinet with the commission’s records in the basement. Dicks said mayor’s assistant Kim Stryker provided a filing cabinet for free, along with working on finding a permanent location for the files.

“I went to the fire department, and they said, ‘We’ll come get it for you,’ ” Dicks said. “So they came to the round house with one ambulance and a pickup truck and all these big guys got the one filing cabinet and took it down.”

She added, “They did all that, and they said, ‘We owe you, because you bought us an ambulance.’ ”

There are still some files at City Hall, Dicks said, but they are all in one place. Those files concern the early days of the commission, Dicks said, when the commission ran the hospital. Finding a location for all the files, Dicks said, saved the commission $700. She estimated at an earlier meeting it would cost around $700 to purchase a filing cabinet, new files and a space to store them.

Also at the meeting, Rusty Windle of Windle & Associates answered questions about the commission’s audit. Windle said the audit would be done soon, saying he’d get it to the commission when he could. Commissioner John House asked why previous audits have shown depreciation, and Windle said that’s because of the ambulance the commission bought. The ambulance is the only reason for depreciation, Windle said.

“I’ll show you that list, but I think the ambulance is all we had left,” Windle said. “If there’s anything else I need to do, let me know and we’ll put it out in more detail.”

Chairman Michael Merry welcomed the hospital’s new CEO, Vicki Andert, saying he’s excited to continue working with her.

“I can’t imagine anyone that we would have been happier to see in that position,” Merry said. “As a commission, we’ve been working with you for so long now and feel so comfortable with you, I don’t think they could have done better.”

“I just want to get in there and do a good job for the community, for the facility and for the staff,” Andert said.

Dicks presented the financial report, saying the commission has $206,059.05 in checking and $2,642,243.07 in CDs. Allegiance didn’t send in its payment for May, Dicks said, until June 8.

“They have told me they will make the June payment this week, so both payments should show up next week,” Dicks said.

House said he’s concerned that Allegiance didn’t pay on time.

“We’re on a path toward spending a lot of money on this hospital project, and if we can’t rely on Allegiance to make the payment they make now, and we’re talking about increasing it by five or six times … that seems much less likely that they’re going to be able to pay their bills,” House said. “One of the things they can do to make us feel much more comfortable about this going forward is that they actually pay on the same day each month.”

Andert said she’d pass that message along, saying Allegiance is supportive of the renovations to the hospital.

“Allegiance is very excited. They want this to go through, too,” Andert said.

Dicks said she’s confident they can work it out.

“We’ll just have to all be on the same page,” Dicks said.

The commission’s next regular meeting is scheduled for 12:30 p.m. Monday, July 16, at the ECHO Community Room.

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