Equity Bank benefits Good Shepherd Humane Society through July

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Between June and July, Equity Bank is running a few promotions to give Good Shepherd Humane Society a helping hand.

Elizabeth Kelley, president of the Eureka Springs branch, said Equity Bank is rolling out its Official Bank of Pets campaign for a second consecutive year. Last year, Kelley said, the bank collected $2,500 and 450 supply items for the only no-kill animal shelter in Carroll County.

“It was a lot of fun for our community and our customers and us,” Kelley said. “This year, we’re going to be doing a lot of the same things and some new things.”

For any new account that’s created between June and July, Kelley said, the bank donates $25 to Good Shepherd. The bank held its most popular pet-related event in June, Kelley said, offering local animals the chance to show off their talent at a pet pageant. This year, Kelley said, the bank is raffling off a Dyson cordless vacuum as well.

“These are amazing whether you have pets or not,” Kelley said. “They go great from hardwood floors to carpets. It’s a $400 value. Customers and non-customers alike can buy tickets.”

The bank will have a bake sale on July 20, featuring treats for pets and humans.

“There will be homemade treats for everyone,” Kelley said, “and 100 percent of the proceeds will go to Good Shepherd.”

Good Shepherd has provided the bank with a needs list, Kelley said, and anyone can stop by the bank to donate those supplies. It’s important to the bank to help Good Shepherd, Kelley said, because the shelter does so much for the community.

“Good Shepherd just does an amazing job taking care of pets that are in transition,” Kelley said. “They provide a place where the pets are safe and healthy and loved and find that forever family for them.”

Good Shepherd president Jay Fusaro said the shelter is grateful to Equity Bank.

“It really means a lot to Good Shepherd,” Fusaro said.

It costs around $400 for one animal’s stay at the shelter, Fusaro said, so any and all donations help.

“If you could think about the amount of cleaning supplies needed to care for 80 animals on a daily basis, it’s a huge amount of supplies to keep a nice, clean environment at the shelter,” Fusaro said. “It takes a lot to do that.”

Fusaro said he hopes the fundraiser helps more animals find their forever homes.

“We want to make people aware of what we’re doing, and we want people to come see the shelter,” Fusaro said.

Volunteer hours are important, too. Fusaro said it takes between 70 and 80 volunteers to cover every shift at both thrift stores.

“It takes manpower to be able to keep the stores nice and running, and the stores provide about half the revenue we need for Good Shepherd,” Fusaro said. “If someone can volunteer four hours a week, that’s a lot and we greatly appreciate that contribution.”

Something else the shelter appreciates, Fusaro said, is Equity Bank.

“It means a lot to the organization to have such a good corporate partner in Equity Bank,” Fusaro said.

Kelley said the bank is happy to help.

“It’s an honor to be part of such a professional and caring organization,” Kelley said. “We look forward to exceeding what we did last year.”

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