The NATURAL Way: Prostate problems

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Here is a unique supplement most people know nothing about. Men should read this column and acquaint themselves with Swedish Flower Pollen. The supplement is available in the U.S. but may be difficult to find. This is an alternative to Saw Palmetto for benign (non cancerous) hyperplasia (enlargement) of the prostate. So, if Saw Palmetto didn’t work as well as you would have liked, I’ve found an alternative. Swedish Flower Pollen can be used by itself or along with Saw Palmetto or any number of other supplements that are good for the prostate.

As usual, I did a search through PubMed/MedLine and found abstracts of science studying whether it is useful. Honestly, not many research papers were found but one really stood out as it was done at Georgetown University Medical Center in Washington, DC. If you do your own search, look for the word “cernitin or cernilton” not Swedish Flower Pollen. Cernitin is the actual extract studied, found in Swedish Flower Pollen. Rye grass pollen is likely the source for cernilton.

 The researchers start their abstract reporting by stating, “Pharmaceuticals such as finasteride and alpha blockers are used to treat symptoms of prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and are known to cause severe adverse reactions. Accordingly, a search for safer, natural products has been undertaken. Two natural agents (nutraceuticals) have come under scrutiny; because natural products, in general, often have evidence of long-term safety.”

They studied Saw Palmetto and Cernitin (defined pollen extract) found in Swedish Flower Pollen. The research was done in old rats with varying amounts of testosterone as higher amounts of bound testosterone can influence BPH. I couldn’t find many studies done in humans but honestly you and I both know old rats with varying amounts of testosterone. Some will even be able to laugh about this ... some will grumble.

The conclusion was the Cernitin was as good as the prescribed drug finasteride. Maybe, this effect could cause that old rat to grumble less. Certainly, being able to urinate better and less often is what we aging males (and those family members around us) want to gain. To make things even better, Swedish Flower Pollen has a lower price than Saw Palmetto.