The NATURAL Way: Great greens

Thursday, August 2, 2018

The first time I tried wheat grass juice I thought I was drinking lawn clippings. The scent rapidly reduced me to an awkward teenager struggling to push the Sarlo mower through grass that was growing at least an inch an hour. Or so it seemed, as the sweet smell of chlorophyll permeated my nose. I hated cutting the lawn back then. I also hated vegetables, especially the green ones, in those days. How time changes.

It turns out that wheat grass was pretty good for health. Plants are like that, especially the green ones.† There are many to be found in a vitamin store in the absence of fresh produce. Green Barley grass, Spirolina, Chlorella and Blue-Green algae are common monikers of healthful yet a little strange-sounding supplements. These can be found in any form, from tablets to powder.

I think the most interesting is the powdered formula products that often have dozens of ingredients including the ones Iíve listed as well as herb blends, enzymes, vegetable blends, fruit blends, mushroom blends and probiotics. This is like a one-stop supplement that is so easy, itíll remind you of a drive-through restaurant.

People most often add this powder to a drink base like juice, water or drink mixed into a smoothie. A big benefit of doing it this way is that you donít have to swallow even a single pill and you can flavor it with anything you like. A greens powder is a for-sure way to get the benefit of those pesky green vegetables without gagging on a lima bean for instance.

All are very high in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, many from whole food sources. Some will contain wheat and soy. Some products are strictly vegetarian while others may not be, so keep an eye on the label. Our own Farmerís Market now features a wide choice of young, fresh, clean sprout-like choices that I use for salad.

These are green or blue-green foods that can easily ensure you and your family get the daily benefit of a wide range of natureís healers. When I add the greens powder to yogurt in the blender, I donít even remember cutting the lawn as a kid. Iím glad for that little bit of grace.