Eurekan Multi-Sport Festival scheduled for Aug. 10-12

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

The Eurekan Multi-Sport Festival rolls into town Aug. 10-12. The three-day festival includes a sprint-distance triathlon Friday afternoon, road bike rides on Saturday morning and running races on Sunday. Participants can enter individual events or take one of two Eurekan challenges.

The Eurekan refers to participants who complete the ultimate challenge, including the triathlon, 100-mile bike ride and 10K run. There is also a half-Eurekan, featuring the triathlon, 62-mile bike ride and 5K run. The triathlon is located in Holiday Island, just a few minutes from downtown Eureka Springs on Friday. The finish line for Saturday and Sunday’s events is located in the heart of Eureka Springs on the historic Main Street in front of the Eureka Springs Courthouse.

This year’s festival already has more than 550 competitors from 15 states registered to compete. These participants will be in town, along with family and support personnel for athletes. The events are scheduled so the athletes and their families can explore the many offering of Eureka Springs when they are not competing. For more information, visit

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