The NATURAL Way: Relieve endometriosis

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Endometriosis is very common. Reportedly, this is found in as many as 7 percent of women in the U.S. There is an overproduction and unusual distribution of cells that should be limited to the uterus. These cells can be found almost any place inside the body. Trouble is, they remain as active cells and cause a wide range of pain and discomfort. Sometimes, infertility is caused by this disorder. Often, medical treatment is necessary.

However, one of the simplest steps is to change your diet to minimize environmental exposure to estrogen-like compounds. As much as you can, eliminate non-organic dairy products, beef and chicken. Because organic foods contain no hormones, thereís no reason to limit their consumption. Increase nutrient-rich foods - especially cruciferous vegetables, cold water fish and proper fiber - that support hormonal balance and help clear excess estrogen from the body.

Fresh green veggies can reduce the intensity of endometriosis. To eat enough, maximize both flavor and nutrition by buying seasonally available and locally grown produce. The rule I use is simple Ö namely, I emphasize the shortest distance between the garden and my table. This makes sure of seasonality and that I maintain my localvore status. One other rule is that organically grown is always more tasty. Donít microwave food in plastic wrap or containers unless made for the microwave, and try to minimize the use of plastics for food storage. Watch out for pesticides and be sure to wash veggies very well as some poisons mimic estrogens in our body.†

Follow a diet based upon the Glycemic Index (helps with weight loss and insulin management) which in turn helps keep hormones better balanced. A protocol of supplementation with a multivitamin with minerals and trace elements/day, a highly absorbable calcium such as AdvaCal, 1300 iu of Evening Primrose Oil/day and/or 500-600mg Black Cohosh, 3000 mg of good quality omega 3 fish oil/day, progesterone creme/day - bottle directions, is good for most women and is especially good for those with endometriosis. Donít forget probiotics, either!

While this out-of-balance situation is only found in women, men and families are impacted as well. Emotional support from friends, professionals and supplements such as L-theanine for stress/anxiety/worry and L-5HTP for depression/blue mood/crankiness can help everyone involved. One word of caution Ö if youíre taking a prescribed antidepressant, check with your healthcare provider before taking 5HTP. Feeling good, eating well and having a happy family (however defined) is a very good thing. Remember, supplements are food which can add goodness to life.