The NATURAL Way: Muscle medicine

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Iíve never written about glycine. As I think about it, that is probably because glycine is used by bodybuilders to improve muscle mass. Well, we donít have a lot of bodybuilders in Eureka Springs and even fewer who come to my store. The products bodybuilders use tend to be pretty pricey, so that is another reason for not being too interested in glycine. But Iíve been wrong to overlook this amazing and safe amino acid. It isnít expensive, either.

When I did a PubMed search at, I found 78,229 pages of 20 studies per page that touched upon glycine, of course not all looking at human consumption. It has been well studied and is considered safe except for people who take prescribed drugs such as clozapine. Check with your MD.

It comes in a powder and a capsule, both being pharmaceutical grade. It is not expensive and I think using 3 grams per day especially at bedtime is a good thing (this is what I do). The powder has a sweet flavor and can be taken straight up or mixed in a smoothie.

Oddly, out of 78,229 pages on PubMed there is very little saying what glycine is good for. It is used for a very long list of ailments, however. According to a web search I found this: muscle growth from exercise and reducing wasting, boosts mental performance, helps prevent strokes and seizures, creates collagen benefiting skin and joint cartilage, lowers risk for type 2 diabetes, improves sleep, helps rebuild GI tract lining, elevates energy by boosting red blood cells, helps control seizures, schizophrenia and bipolar depression and calms while dropping anxiety.

I use about 3 grams at bedtime for sleep improvement. Iíve replaced theanine and melatonin at this point with the glycine. Iíve not personally found a negative, at least the way I use this supplement. Slow to jump on this supplement for sure Iíve been so Iím thankful to a local for bringing it to my attention.