Sharp supplement

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

In researching anything new regarding dementias including Alzheimerís, I came across a little-known supplement worthy of consideration. Of course I checked it out on PubMed through the National Library of Medicine, finding university-published science looking at usefulness. One early clinical trial (on people) is underway but dozens of scientific studies have been done. The supplement is called Uridine.

There are two types of Uridine available for retail purchase. The one Iím writing about is triacetyluridine. This is available in 25 mg capsules in a 60-count bottle. It seems from what I read two capsules each day is what would benefit the most.

How does it benefit our lives?

Apparently, this food supplement helps power our cells. The energy source inside every cell is called the mitochondria and Uridine impacts this in a beneficial way. Many of the studies looked at the effect of prescribed drugs on the squelching of the energy makers, finding that Uridine kicked the furnace back up especially when combined with choline. An indirect source of choline is an inexpensive supplement called lecithin. You can go direct with another inexpensive supplement called phosphatidyl choline or supercharge with phosphatidyl serine, which is more costly. From everything I studied, adding a vitamin B12 melted under the tongue (methyl type is best) adds considerably.

Who would be most likely to stay on this regimen? Anyone that wishes to improve thinking and memory or anyone who is prone to depression. People on heavy duty drugs for Huntingtonís, Alzheimerís, Parkinsonís, HIV or cancer therapy using 5-fluorouricil likely will strongly benefit as I found published studies on all of these. I had to wonder that it would benefit those on long-term use of statin drugs for reduction of cholesterol, as there is some risk of impact on the brain from this group of drugs. This supplement and combination wonít be a problem with prescribed drugs and has no known drawbacks.

Uridine is difficult to find as it isnít well known but can be purchased as a nutritional supplement for under $25. As Iíve written before, adding fish oils, Serraflazyme, niacinamide or coconut oil are all good supplements depending upon need.