The NATURAL Way: Cleansing time

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Sometimes odds and ends accumulate and you really have to do a yard sale. For me, the push to get this sort of cleansing done is having the stack of small things get bigger to the point that the messiness demands attention. The stack gets big made up of the small odds and ends. We humans tend to do well with an herbal cleanse in the spring and fall so here is my attempt to get rid of odds and ends.

Vitamin D3 continues to be the supplement that enjoys the most grand of cotillions. For decades we were told to be careful and not take too much for fear of becoming toxic. So we dutifully starved ourselves of proper amounts and helped create or contribute to many kinds of ailments. Fibromyalgia aches and pains, insulin resistance in Type 2 diabetes, poor immune systems, lowered bone density and even cancers may be connected to chronic vitamin D3 deficiencies. The lab test you can ask your doctor for to see if you are deficient is called hydroxy 25 D3. These days Iím very comfortable suggesting 4,000-8,000iu/day (more in the winter) as long as kidney function is good. Higher doses can be useful but done only under advisement from your healthcare practitioner.

A big myth has been overturned. Testosterone is always controversial but at about midlife a criss-cross happens between men and women. In relative terms men decrease testosterone while women increase testosterone, generally in their 40s and 50s. It used to be thought testosterone fed prostate cancers (only men have a prostate) so enhancing testosterone by prescription or through a natural supplement containing chrysin was dangerous. That idea began changing five to seven years ago but only recently was fully understood and found to be a big myth. Turns out PSA levels do not increase when testosterone levels are improved, so says Harvard-based Dr. Abraham Morgentaler. In fact, he states the risk of prostate cancer increases in aging men with loss of testosterone.

Alkaline water is still a hot seller but not in my store. No supplement, even an expensive alkaline water, can change the acid-base balance of your blood. If we could, we would be either cooking our internal organs or pickling them by eating food. Overall acid-base is controlled by the parathyroid gland and not by the food we consume. That being said, if you have low bone density, reduce your meat intake as a temporary raise in blood acidity can happen when digesting meat. Your parathyroid will take calcium from your bones to get the acid-base balance proper in your blood, making the bone weaker.

Sure does feel good to get the housekeeping done.