The NATURAL Way: Get your nutrients

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Trust me, I couldn’t help myself. I just had to write this column after reading an advertisement in the coupon section of the big daily Arkansas newspaper. The ad was selling a very well known multi-vitamin. The interesting thing is they asked if we knew that up to 90 percent of Americans fall short in getting important nutrients from food alone.

The specific nutrients and deficit amount referred to, apparently, are vitamin A (50 percent), vitamin C (40 percent), vitamin D (90 percent), vitamin E (90 percent) and calcium (50 percent). As part of a healthy lifestyle, they go on to encourage exercise, eating fresh and getting good sleep everyday, as well as taking the multi-vitamin.

Wow, I don’t know where they got these numbers as there was not a reference to follow. The big corporation behind the ad certainly would have vetted the information before publishing, so I’m awestruck at the high numbers. This ad actually says “fall short in getting important nutrients from food alone.” That the great majority of fellow Americans eats so poorly and/or consumes such low-quality food, which makes for this statement, is profound.

Add to this the well-established reality of induced nutritional deficiency caused by prescribed drugs, and we have an extensive health crisis. A little while ago, I started a series of Natural Way columns with the following: “In our nutty system which often pits medications/science against nutritional supplements, the bias supporting medicine is usually given top dog status. Dire warnings abound that if you do this drug or that, then these supplements will interfere causing harm. Rarely is there a balanced approach. Suppose the prescription medication bias with huge amounts of corporate money backing it is entirely backwards? Suppose the prescription drug is actually interfering with the absorption of the nutritional supplement. Suppose, it is well-established that prescribed drugs often and commonly create new ailments by causing vitamin and mineral deficits ... what would you do? Think about this, as this is more often the case than we can imagine.”

It is very easy to find out if your prescribed drug is interfering with nutrient absorption. Simply Google, “(drug) nutritional deficiency” and you’ll get information then supplement accordingly.

 Is it any wonder at all why we have so many sick and medically disabled people in our country? 

 So this is what I suggest be done to keep your health strong. Support your local farmer’s market as much as possible. Avoid sugar along with processed grains, opting for fresh flavors. Walk everyday and get a good nights sleep. Theanine, glycine, CBD and melatonin are good for this. Supplement daily with a quality multi-vitamin and a potent probiotic.