The NATURAL Way: Sweet solution

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Is this sugar good for you? The one I’m asking about is d-ribose, which is very different from the ordinary sugars that can cause or make diabetes worse. There are many different sugars but to sort it out and make it easier, two categories (simple and complex) have been defined. D-ribose is a simple sugar while common table sugar is complex. As a rule of thumb, the simple ones are good for you and the complex ones have to be used with care. Curiously, d-ribose is often created from table sugar in our body. It does not cause diabetes and is necessary for the power generated in our cells, especially the muscles.

You might hear the phrase “cellular energy production” when people in the know talk about d-ribose or a more common supplement CoQ-10. So, as you might expect, both of these are really good for your heart muscle. There are hundreds/thousands of published studies found on PubMed the National Library of Medicine. While benefit to the heart muscle is the most profound, there is a long list of benefit for people with heart attack damage, coronary artery disease by reducing angina (chest pain), congestive heart failure, improving diastolic heart strength, reducing chronic fatigue, reducing fibromyalgia pain and improving athletic performance. All of this comes from a simple sugar, d-ribose.

Usually, we don’t need to supplement with d-ribose. Our body efficiently creates what we need until something out of the ordinary happens. Then the need for d-ribose is greater. As one example, let’s say you’ve had one heart attack with some heart muscle damage (ischemia) and you’ve also got clogging of the heart arteries (CAD or coronary artery disease). Likely, some chest pain (angina) will happen when you mow the lawn or exercise as the already reduced heart is struggling to get enough blood flow to feed the muscles. D-ribose improves the muscles so everything works better and you feel more energetic. Still, exercising in this example should be done with caution. The point is that d-ribose is beneficial at improving muscle function.

Bicyclists, runners, swimmers and weightlifters often use a combination of  CoQ-10, d-ribose and whey protein to protect and build muscles while improving endurance.