The NATURAL Way: Common vitamin offers big benefits

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

With cold and flu season coming upon us, along with the stress and strain of the holidays, I thought a reminder of this amazing supplement was due. What would it be like if a very safe and easily digestible common vitamin would have far-ranging benefit to our health? Suppose this inexpensive ordinary vitamin wasn’t so ordinary any longer. Suppose, as well, that it was beneficial for staying healthy, well known for colds and flu, immune system health, slowed down the effects of aging and had science showing that it had an effect on cancer and metastasis (spread)? How would you change your view of a common and ordinary vitamin?

The vitamin is ascorbyl palmitate. It is a variation of vitamin C, though ascorbyl palmitate is very different as it stays in your system longer. It gets into cells more easily and will actually cross the blood brain barrier, providing strong antioxidant benefits. Unlike regular vitamin C that is water-soluble, ascorbyl palmitate is fat-soluble like vitamin E. Most everyone knows that regular vitamin C passes through your system very fast because it is water-soluble. Ascorbyl palmitate doesn’t as it stays around for the usual digestive cycle, usually 24 hours. I found no evidence of toxicity at 2,000mg/day; the dose could be as little as 500mg. Though this is esterfied, it is not the same as the supplement that is patented and trademarked as Ester-C (R).

I came across this version of vitamin C while reviewing a paper on supplemental treatment of cancer. The author claims to be a colleague of a scientist/physician that I knew back in my Harbor/UCLA Medical Center days, namely Dr. Jerome Block, MD. Dr. Block was the chairman of the Department of Oncology. I was technical/administrative supervisor (Chief) of the Division of Nuclear Medicine during the time. We saw a great deal of cancer and often worked in concert. I was unaware that Dr. Block was very interested in the use of natural food supplements; in fact, he published a number of studies on their usefulness.

When I did a PubMed search through the National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health, I found 18 published abstracts of research referencing ascorbyl palmitate. The first documented usefulness in reducing metastasis and was published by a Japanese university. Not at all bad, for a vitamin that costs less than $10 for 45 days.